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What is PPC?
PPC also known as Pay-Per-Click or Cost-Per-Click is a form of advertising in which the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their ad.


Even though PPC can be an effective way of attracting potential customers and targeted traffic to your website, it can be rather costly if set up and managed incorrectly. Creating the initial ad is easy but maximising your return on investment is not!

This is where we at Lilac James can help – our Cambridge SEO Agency team are not only experts in organic optimisation but paid optimisation too.

Our personalised PPC Agency services are completely tailored to your needs – we treat your business as if it was our own providing you with first class PPC set up and management.

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What are the Benefits of PPC?

  • Effective PPC can bring you many benefits including:
  • Flexibility – you can change your keywords, campaigns and ads at any time as well as pausing or switching them off completely
  • Immediate influx of traffic – you often have to wait months to see the true effect of on page optimisation but with PPC we regularly see instant results. Once your campaign is live, you can expect to see an increase in website traffic within hours.
  • Fast Targeting – PPC is a lot quicker than other forms of advertising as it only take a few seconds for potential customers to see your ad, click on it and visit your site.
  • Cost Control – you can manage your daily budget so that you only spend as little or as much as you would like per day.
  • Easily Track Performance – you can continually look at the performance of your keywords, ads and campaigns within your account allowing you to make quick changes if something is not quite right. You can also use the report functionality to track your performance over time.
  • Return on Investment – PPC offers instant return on investment. If you run a campaign attracting potential customers to your ecommerce site, you can easily measure when someone clicks on the ad and makes a purchase – allowing you to measure the true value of PPC.

How can the Lilac James PPC Agency help you?

Our Cambridge PPC services enable our clients to experience an increase in targeted website traffic, sales and profits – we get you the results you have always dreamed of. We can offer you these services within many different SEO packages from PPC only to PPC and organic optimisation.

If you are interested in our organic SEO we may recommend a PPC campaign to get you started. Take a look at our SEO Cambridge page for more information.

Our Cambridge PPC Agency process not only includes the setting up of your PPC account and campaigns, but frequent monitoring, monthly management and marketing advice too. We start the process with extensive keyword research allowing us to understand exactly what it is your customer search for when looking for you and your product/services.

Keywords effect the true success of your PPC campaign – if you select the wrong keywords, keyword strategy or forget to include negative keywords, you open your campaign up to wasted budget expenditure. For example, a broad match keyword of ‘couples holidays’ tells Google to show your ads whenever someone searches for anything including ‘couples holidays’ such as ‘couples holidays in France’. If you don’t offer this, it would be a waste of your budget for your advert to appear here.

PPC Cambridge

Based on the keyword research our Cambridge PPC Agency experts then write your campaigns ads using their creative and unique content writing skills, optimising them with the chosen keywords, call to actions and information that will add value. They will also look at your Google Ad Ons and any other ways in which they can make them more desirable to your potential customers in comparison to your competitors.

There are a few different types of ads that you can choose from depending on your products and services, and where you want your ads to appear.

For example, if your ‘couples holidays’ are hugely discounted for the January sales, you may wish to choose a text ad which appears in both the search network (Google’s Search Engine) and display network (Google’s Partnership sites) during this time.

As mentioned above, whatever decision you make now can be changed in the future, if you decide you no longer want to show your ads on the display network, or you no longer want to use a specific ad – we can adjust your campaign immediately.

Our Cambridge PPC Agency team will then look at your website and the landing pages that your ads will point to. Google ranks your ad against your competitors by using a few measures including your bid strategy and quality score. In order to have the best quality score possible, the landing page chosen must be the most relevant page possible.

Our Cambridge PPC Agency experts scan your website for these offering you advice and recommendations on how they should be optimised for your ad campaign – they may even recommend creating a few new pages, all of which we can help you with.

Once everything is completed they will ask for your approval, making sure you are completely happy with the ads that have been written, the landing pages that have been chosen or created, and the overall campaign itself. They will also talk you through the PPC bid management strategies available to you and how to get the best return on investment possible.

As soon as your campaign is live, our Cambridge PPC Agency team will then continue to monitor your campaign, continually adding negative keywords, adjusting your ads and bids allowing you to get the results you want. They will also provide you with monthly reports so you know exactly how they are performing and what impact your campaign is having on your sales and profit.

Unsure about what you want or need? Ask us for a FREE SEO health check – this will tell you where you are currently and what our Cambridge SEO & PPC Agency experts recommend.