Mindfulness at Lilac James

Here at Lilac James we value our staff’s happiness and well-being, because happy staff make happy clients! Over the past year we have taken it upon ourselves to improve our work life quality as stress levels were rising in the office. We sought advice from Mindfulness CIC, they are a non-profit meditation interest company who specialise in corporate stress management training/workshops and mindfulness at work.

Mindfulness is a clinical course proven to reduce stress and is usually delivered over weekly sessions. Everybody’s doing it – from Google to the NHS. So what is mindfulness? When you put it in its simplest form, mindfulness means self-awareness.

What does it do?

Its main aims are to target and help self-improvement, in our office alone it has made our communication more effective, teamwork and comradery has improved, as well as the enhanced ability to focus, this in turn has caused work productivity to dramatically benefit.

The neurological profits of mindfulness have been linked to a surge in emotional intelligence, specifically self-growth and empathy. It is the progression of these areas that contribute to our ability to manage conflict and communicate more effectively – hence now we have a harmonious work place and more.



Remember to

Step away from the screen and all constant connections with technology and reaffirm your inner balance. The easiest way that we have found to become more mindful at work is to periodically take a ‘three-minute breathing space.’ We tend to do this together as a whole office, at approx. 1pm before lunch, we all take our break to breathe, turn around to face away from the desk to inhale and exhale deeply and focus your attention fully on the breathing. These three minutes is all it takes to put all of your worries into perspective, you can allow yourself to turn around and continue with your work, or change course as necessary, in a calm and professional manner.

This one off stint isn’t going to change anything, remember that regular practice of managing stress levels will increase the brain’s ability to repair itself and grow new neural connections – however, this has to be kept up, because if you don’t use it, you lose it! A simple mindfulness practice can be taught by mindfulness teachers up and down the country, they offer both workshops and mindfulness retreats.

Come on, join us, we promise you it will enrich your life.