Solid Oak Computer Desk – Keyword Importance for SEO

In the current climate small businesses cannot afford to take the risk of not having a strong online presence. Sales often come solely from online as the internet is taking over the world; on our TVs and mobile phones we all have a permanent internet connection. If we want to find something out, then how many of us Google it?

That’s certainly our first port of call and that is the precise reason why small businesses need to be focusing on building their online presence with a strong social media following, this makes customer contact, help, FAQs and customer testimonials readily available in order to compete with the larger businesses in their region.

Therefore when the company Homeward Bound first approached Lilac James for marketing and SEO services, they came to us with an existing Amazon and EBay business that was extremely successful, with products flying of the shelves and a 5 star rating they felt it was time to expand and grow.

Their business specialises in solid oak furniture. We felt that they needed to develop a national ecommerce website that they could sell new products on alongside their traditional items like their solid oak dressing tables. They wanted to expand their catalogue into a wider offering of items such as; furniture accessories, soft cushions and luxurious throws.

We quickly came to realise that this was not going to be an easy task as the solid wood market place is extremely competitive, with large contenders such as Harvey’s and Oak Furniture Land.

From the very beginning we made the client aware that the SEO project would be a long term investment, that they would need to seriously commit to as it would take a long time to achieve ranking against established internet players.

We then researched the highest ranking terms for what they wanted to be found for online; keywords like rustic solid oak furniture and solid oak computer desk.

We worked closely with their web developer to ensure that their new site was built on a solid SEO platform with the keywords built into the site structure, hopefully making it easier to achieve those high SEO objectives that we had set. Once the website was up, running and fully functional then we set about getting them found online for those high terms, we are still working hard in partnership with Homeward Bound and are looking forward to a prosperous 2014 with lots of sales and high rankings!