We’re looking for commercial property for sale in Cambridgeshire!

The Lilac James team are delighted to be looking for a new home! After starting the business on her own in 2009 in the garden shed, Karen James is now the proud owner of the top ranking Search Engine Optimisation Company in St. Neots. Now employing 5 members of staff, we work on behalf of a wide variety of professional clients, both regionally and nationally, and across a number of industry sectors, to improve their performance in online searches for a number of carefully selected keywords.

So where to next?

We don’t know yet! We’ve been busy scouting out potential commercial property spots for sale in Cambridgeshire, as we would love to move into our own purpose customised office space which we can hang on to and update for our requirements as years go by. We’ve looked at a couple of potential sites so far, from an asbestos ridden old dentists, to an old village hall. We’ve had chartered surveyors out to assess the work that would be required, and so far we just haven’t found the right home for us.
When our lease runs out on the current office in October we may end up moving into Karen’s gorgeous listed thatched cottage, which was the original site of the Lilac garden shed, before Karen rented the building out to residential tenants.

Whilst the move would be idyllic, especially if we are in whilst the sun is still shining over the surrounding acres, it’s not going to be the best solution for expansion, so we are still keeping our eyes and ears open for the perfect space to buy, or even to rent. We’ve enlisted the expertise of Commercial Property Agents, BSM who have years of experience in Cambridgeshire, so we are confident that we’ll find the right property in good time.