Even offline businesses need online marketing

There was once a time when marketing was simple. Businesses were restricted to brick and mortar and they marketed in their local areas in order to gain business. Many of these companies are now taking advantage of the latest technological advantages and going beyond basic brick and mortar businesses and moving to online businesses. Many businesses that have chosen to stay away from online businesses think that there is no need to resort to Internet marketing; well those businesses couldn’t be more wrong.

Why Offline Businesses Need Online Marketing

Think of people who work as storm chasers. Though they may have an office or a location where they do their studies, they don’t sit in their office to do their work. They travel all over the United States. They do this because that is where the storms are. This same concept can be said for companies that are offline. These companies need online marketing because that is where their customers are. It is a proven study that 97% of consumers turn to online resources before they make a purchase. When you break that down even further 90% of those people do their research through search engine websites. 48% of those people use the Yellow Pages to find local businesses.

Every business can benefit from using online marketing mainly because it gives you the competitive advantage over your competitors. Studies that have been conducted about online listings show that majority of the small business listings online are incorrect because majority of these small business owners admit that they don’t have the time to keep their listings up to date. What this means is by simply keeping your listings up to date, you are giving your business the competitive advantage that it needs through Internet marketing.

What Businesses Interested In Internet Marketing Need to Know

If brick and mortar businesses are interested in getting into online marketing, there are a few things that they need to know to get started. The first thing is that simply setting aside a few moments to update your online listing gives your business a competitive advantage and makes your business more visible online, even if you don’t do business online.

If you decide you want to make a website, you want to focus on making a design that offers the best viewing experience. Keep yourself up to date with technology by looking at all the latest updates. People no longer rely on computers to get their information, so if you want to make a website, you want to use a design that is going to appeal to tablet and mobile device users.

Offer options to your customers. You don’t actually have to do business online, but you can take advantage of the Internet by making it simpler for your customers to do business with you. Many companies are now offering customers the opportunity to schedule appointments online. When a survey was conducted on the topic, people admitted to taking advantage of this opportunity and even listed it as a preference.

Finally, taking advantage of the various social networks allows you to build relationships with customers and keep them connected with your business. Keeping customers up to date keeps your business fresh in their mind and entices them to visit your business for their needs and makes them feel comfortable with your business.