Provoke Me Ltd

“When I started my business in 2012, I knew I needed a great website and powerful and engaging brand identity. But I had given very little thought to how my business would actually be found by potential customers. I knew the kind of thing they would be searching for on Google – but had no idea how to ensure my own website came up in the results. I was nowhere to be seen”.

“Within 2 months of appointing Lilac James to take care of this for me, I was being found in the top 4 organic search results and my business hasn’t looked back. The service they provided, together with a seemingly endless supply of free advice and information, demonstrated to me that they really are the experts in their field. If you need customers to find you on the internet (and who doesn’t?) then you need Lilac James. It’s as simple as that”

Simon Wheeler, November 2013

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