iSee:My came to Lilac James with their life style management tool, a product & service concept used to protect your family, children, pets, friends and anything else in your life that is valuable to you. Available as a user friendly app and/or GPS tracking device, iSee:My allows you to keep your loved ones safe and secure whilst they adventure out into the big wide world.

As a start-up business, iSee:My needed help with their marketing strategy in order to successfully market their concept to the desired target audience. Karen James, Director and Founder of Lilac James Marketing & SEO saw true potential in the iSee:My concept, identifying it’s capability to go global.

Our marketing professionals at Lilac James identified the suitable target audiences and created a strategic marketing plan. Included in this were creative branding services where the team worked together to rename and rebrand the product. The name was previously ‘Pagiot’ and ‘iSee:My’ was conceived by the team and the logo created.


“We love our new brand name and logo design, It was inspired!” said Jamie Jamieson – iSee:My Co-Founder.

We have also worked with the iSee:My team creating a Kickstarter campaign and Dragon’s Den application in the hope of attracting venture capitalist investors. On page optimisation has also been conducted in order to gain organic search traffic. The next steps of the Lilac James Marketing Plan includes Facebook Advertising, PPC Advertising, PR and Social Media.

“We feel that the iSee:My life style management tool is a must have for everyone and is why we are working hard to get it noticed” – Karen James.

So watch this space, you might see iSee:My on your screen in the not too distant future!