Life Light Rescue

How would a fire fighter find your child if your house was on fire?

Every year on average 25 children under 10 years old die in a house fire in the UK. The majority of them are found, dead or alive, hiding under their bed or in the wardrobe. It is a place of safety in the child’s mind.

Life Light Rescue Ltd was created to market a unique children’s fire safety product. A ‘Life Light’ guides fire-fighters to where your child is most likely to be… Find the child’s bedroom and you find the child…
Heralded as the biggest breakthrough in children’s fire safety since the smoke alarm the ‘Life Light’ can only be purchased on line and a new website was launched to promote the product.

As the ‘Life Light’ concept is so revolutionary considerable time was spent on key word research to identify the key words that consumers would use when concerned about child fire safety. A number of good volume keyword terms were identified and a page strategy formulated that would optimise individual pages for the terms identified. Meta data, on page text and links were then written to maximise the Google page ranking.

Derek Wilson, founder of Life Light Rescue Ltd, commented; ‘within 2 weeks of launch the new site was ranked on page 1 of Google for ‘Children’s Fire Safety’. Lilac James worked with us to understand the importance and process of SEO. Their input to the content of the new site and its’ ability to be found on the internet was invaluable.

Life Light Rescue Ltd