How a national cleaning company dominates the search results across the UK - Spotless Clean



Spotless Clean are a cleaning company with presence across the UK from Inverness to Southampton that is trusted by over 1,000 organisations to provide high quality daily office cleaning.


Capturing extensive search demand across the UK with a variety of services from window cleaning to waste management and over 7 target sectors from office cleaning to hospital cleaning was proving challenging. So, in August 2021 MD Roger Green approached Lilac James to conduct an SEO project.


The aim was simple; maximise relevant search visibility across the UK to capture key search demand.


Spotless Clean had structured its landing pages according to the operating areas of its regional offices. Our research however, revealed that potential customers are not searching for services within a regional territory i.e., the South East of Scotland.


Instead search demand was much more locally focused and featured key population centres such as Lincoln, Stoke-on-Trent, and Portsmouth for example.


After extensive UK wide research Lilac James established the many population centres which not only had significant search demand but also the areas which, in terms of competition levels, were achievable page 1 targets for Spotless Clean in the short and medium term.


Lilac James then set about the long task of creating unique landing pages for each significant population centre with high search demand, ensuring best practice in landing page design was adhered to in each case.


The Stoke-on-Trent page is displayed below:

Note the ‘call to action’ is clearly displayed ‘above the fold’. Above the fold is simply what the user sees before having to scroll.


Our blog on best practice landing page design can be found here.


The H1 title ‘Commercial Office Cleaning Services in Stoke-on-Trent’ clearly explains to the user, and to Google, exactly what the page is and who it is to be delivered for.


The content below the H1 expands the geographic reach of the page into other population centres such as Stoke, Coventry and the West Midlands which had lower, yet still relevant, observed search levels for Commercial Office Cleaning.



What about national search demand?


Our research clearly revealed that whilst the majority of searchers would submit local searches such as ‘Office cleaning services in Middlesborough’ there was still a great deal of national search demand that was a key target of our strategy.


National search terms are almost always higher demand and have higher search competition but with the right strategy, you can still gain lucrative places on page 1 of the search results.


Once the regional landing page strategy was complete, we set about the task of capturing national search demand with a range of landing pages focused not just on national terms, but specifically the national terms which have high ‘buying intent’.


Search terms with high ‘buying intent’ are those where the searcher is clearly looking to purchase the product or service they’re searching for. For example, a search with low buying intent could be searches including the words ‘compare, cheap or free’. 



We optimised a range of service pages including:


High Level Cleaning

IT Equipment Cleaning

Antiviral Deep Cleaning

Washroom Consumables

Deep Cleaning



Sector Specific Searches


Finally, our research revealed that there is a range of sector specific national searches that Spotless Clean could capture which would drive a wealth of high converting traffic to their website.


These included sectors such as School Cleaning, Medical Cleaning, Retail Cleaning and several others.


Individual landing pages were optimised for each sector, this was a significant task as each page needs to be unique and highly relevant to the targeted search terms. 


Any duplicate content on your website is soon discovered by Google and will cause harm to your search rankings.



Big Complicated Website?


Yes, Spotless Clean's website is quite large with many different pages laser targeting tens of different search terms split into regional, national and sector specific pages, but the user would never know.


We have ensured that the main pages, which drive the most traffic and achieve the best behaviour flow through the website are sourced off the main navigation bar. Further pages are ‘hidden’ in the backend of the website.


As far as the user is concerned, they land on an easy to understand, high performing website with great user experience which is easy to navigate and complete their desired actions.


This is exactly what Google needs to see for your site to be delivered above competitors. If your users are confused, Google will understand that and will devalue your rankings, so the Lilac team worked hard at maintaining and improving the Spotless Clean user experience.





The results have been fantastic and have risen month on month since our initial on-page project was completed. Spotless Clean have gone from approximately 50 page 1 rankings to now over 134 page 1 rankings and climbing.


We continue to build strategic backlinks to grow their domain and page authorities. In many keywords Spotless Clean have progressed from beyond page 6, to page 1 in a matter of months. Examples of this are below:

When comparing traffic levels, it is important to take into account the iOS update which saw Apple give their customers the option to opt out of third-party tracking. Invariably this means that web sessions recorded via Google Analytics are reduced across the board but quality of incoming users and conversions in the form of leads is what matters.





Before Lilac James conducted their SEO optimisation, Spotless Clean were generating traffic from small cleaning contracts that were not suitable to their business or growth plans. So, although traffic levels looked reasonably healthy, it was largely fuelled by the wrong kind of prospect.


Today, Spotless Clean's website is highly targeted towards the exact kind of clients they desire and search visibility for their desired keywords has increased from 37% to 67% and rising. SEO is now driving between 72% and 90% of their website enquiries month on month.


Job well done - huge thanks to the Spotless team who are a pleasure to work with.


Whether you are a small, medium or large company you should never underestimate the effect that local SEO can have on your business. Optimising your website for searchers close to you is increasingly important as 97% of customers now search for local businesses online.

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