Growth Accelerator Vouchers Scheme

Access funding for Business Development with Growth Accelerator

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The scheme is being extended beyond its original deadline of March 2015 as it has proved to help ambitious business leaders gain insight into what’s holding them back and move into a position of real and measurable growth.

If you can answer YES to the following questions, then don’t miss out on Government Investment and Business Development Coaching through the Growth Accelerator Programme.

  • Are you based in England?
  • Do you have plans to grow your business?
  • Do you have less than 250 employees?
  • Is your annual turnover less than £4 million?

What is Growth Accelerator?

Growth Accelerator is a premier support service that helps ambitious business owners achieve rapid sustainable growth through three areas of readily available support.

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These areas are:

  • Business Development,
  • Access to Funding,
  • Growth through Innovation

Typical Growth Accelerator business development work packages and deliverable outcomes that our associate GA Coaches help businesses achieve include:

  • A 3-year vision that identifies the critical tasks and ‘vital few’ objectives for your company
  • Mapping current and future state of the business strategy including establishing growth goals
  • Written action plan to identify milestone to be achieved to facilitate the business strategy
  • Review of systems and processes to inform and measure the success of the strategy
  • Review roles and responsibilities and put development and training plan in place
  • Exploring new markets

  • Developing appropriate routes to market and an engagement plan
  • Building a value proposition for each of the potential markets
  • Developing a Marketing Strategy
  • Review branding and marketing processes
  • Development of Sales process and plan to address of skills gaps
  • 1 to 1 coaching to create effective sales and marketing processes/activities
  • Planning organisational change management

If you’re on a growth path, why not boost your progress by finding out more about Growth Accelerator. Contact us to arrange a free, no-obligation introduction to the scheme.