10 Things That Happen When You Go Vegan

We’re coming to the last stretch of our office vegan challenge, and with just one more week to go we can certainly say we’ve learnt a lot along the way! It’s opened our eyes to just how much dairy sneaks into foods everyday without us even thinking about it! We’ve found ourselves getting into the habit of routinely checking the labels on food, only to then have to return it to the shelf with a disappointed look on our faces.

But it’s not all bad!

With veganism, comes research. A lot of research. Luckily, the internet is pretty handy for communicating with like minded individuals, sharing tips, recipes and foods you’ve found to be accidentally vegan.

So, three weeks into our challenge¬†and this is what has happened to us so far…

1.You Start Questioning Your Whole Life

Are those boots leather? Should I really be wearing leather? I can’t believe I’ve been eating eggs all this time after seeing that chick scandal on Facebook. Oh god look at that awful video PETA just posted. It’s a whirlwind when you start to dig deeper into your eating habits and uncover some ghastly home truths.

2. You Kiss Goodbye To Minstrels

Goodbye small brown drops of goodness.

3. And Then Realise It’s A Blessing In Disguise

Goodbye chocolate, hello new waistline! After a week or so the cravings start to slowly disappear and you realise you never needed that daily weekly bag of family sized minstrels.

4. You Discover A Whole New World Of Brands

And you realise vegan egg is also a thing, but we haven’t tried that yet as we’re slightly scared. Vegan cheese however? Big fans.

5. Eating Out Can Be Problematic

But you just need to plan in advance, and even contact the restaurant to ask whether there is a vegan option available. We’ve found so far that most restaurants are only willing to help – if you give them a little notice.

6. You Lose Your Sh*t Over A Vegan Menu

When we discovered that Zizzi had introduced a vegan menu with vegan pizza we did a little happy scream. And for the record – it was pretty special.

7. Hummus Becomes Your Best Friend

When in doubt, hummus. When in a rush, hummus. Carrots, celery and cucumber also need to be readily available in your fridge.

8. You Become A  Vegan Masterchef

Becoming vegan poses a new challenge, and an exciting one too. You discover new ways to create your old favourites with vegan replacements, and feel a sense of achievement when you create a culinary masterpiece sans dairy.

9. You Start Guilt Tripping Your Friends & Family

But seriously, do you know how much cruelty has gone into that cheese baguette of yours?

10. You Realise You Can Handle This

And that what was an initial four week challenge, will turn into a lifestyle. A new way of viewing what goes on our plates and accepting that minstrels are no longer an important food group in your life.