The Lilac Vegan Cheese Off Part 2

You may have seen our previous post with our Lilac Vegan cheese off! Today we’re back for part two – vegan cheese on crackers! Whilst last time we melted the cheese onto pasta, this time round the cheese took centre stage, uncooked ready for us to taste.

chease spice2









And we also had the pleasure of sampling a new brand – Tyne Chease. We were impressed before we even got round to tasting this as the trendy packaging is beautiful. It definitely wouldn’t look out of place on a cheese board!

So how did the cheeses fair?

Again, we were extremely impressed with the cheeses we tried, and in particular we just LOVED the Tyne Chease Ethiopian spice and Sheese Garlic spread, thesr two really stood out to us. We all agreed that we could happily convert to dairy free cheese after sampling these and it’s really opened our eyes to just how delicious cruelty free cheese can be.

cheese off part 2



You can purchase Tyne Chease here but it is popular and does sell out so be quick! We can’t wait to taste some other flavours! We’ll definitely be stocking our fridges with Sheese and Tyne Chease.

We’re already planning our next vegan tasting session, and we think the office will be a little more crowded on this day as it’s vegan CHOCOLATE. Yes, we’re pretty excited about this one. If you have any favourite brands or top tips be sure to tweet us at @LilacJamesCambs.