The Lilac Vegan Cheese Off

As you may know from our recent post, Lilac James are going vegan for one month!

One of our main concerns in turning vegan was cheese. We all regularly use cheese but determined to cut it out, we decided to order in a selection of vegan cheeses and have an office taste off! The brands we reviewed in our cheese off are – Violife, No-Muh via Vegusto and Sheese.

This test was specifically testing for meltability, as one of our main uses for cheese in meals is to melt on dishes such as pasta, chilli and jacket potato’s. None of us were sure what to expect, but we can reveal we were pleasantly surprised!

Here are the results of the Lilac Cheese Off:

lilac cheese off

Although the results were mixed, the test was much more successful than we had anticipated. Our overall winner of the tasting session was Violife, which as a team we were all super impressed with. It soaked well into our pasta, had a similar taste to cheese and the texture was creamy and not as grainy as others. Other notable contenders included No-Muh Melty, although this looked the most processed we found it to be very tasty, very creamy and ideally suited to sauces.

vegan cheese

For those who are looking for an alternative to parmesan, Sheese is a great replacement, although as an office we aren’t big parmesan fans, this is still a great vegan product.

We were pleasantly surprised by the results of this challenge and it has just proved to us that we’re one step closer to cutting out animal produce from our diets. Next up, we’ll be testing out these cheeses raw on crackers – so make sure you stay tuned for that later on this week!