The Lilac Vegan Chocolate Challenge

We’ve done the cheese challenge (see here and here) and the past week has all been about vegan chocolate here in the Lilac office. We’ve tested seventeen (well someone’s gotta do it) different variations of dairy free chocolate and collated all of our results into one shiny table…

chocolate challenge







We weren’t sure what to expect with the vegan chocolate, as some of the girls in the office dislike dark chocolate which as it happens, is quite tricky if you want to be vegan. We found even the ‘milk’ varieties had a dark chocolate, slightly bitter taste.

In first position we have the orange chocolate bar from Essy and Bella, a brand we were particularly excited to try. This was by far the team favourite, and we all agreed that we would repurchase this particular flavour again. It had a certain creaminess that the others didn’t quite manage and reminded us of a Terry’s chocolate orange!

We also enjoyed a few of the cheaper options including the Morrisons own brand chocolate buttons and Kinnerton dark chocolate. The team were split when it came to the Moo Free chocolate, with half the team loving this particular brand and half that weren’t so keen, but it’s all about personal taste here!

vegan easter chocolate2









It’s definitely given us hope for the future with continuing to decrease (and in some cases completely wipe out) our intake of dairy. Stay tuned for our next vegan post, we have a delicious dairy free cheese tart that you don’t want to miss….