The Zizzi Vegan Pizza

As you know, here at Lilac James we’ve been blogging all about our Vegan Challenge. If you haven’t read our previous post yet then you might want to take a quick look and have a read about our challenge!

When discussing going vegan for a month, as an office we agreed that one of the main issues we might find is eating out, as of course, we can control what food we eat at home and stock our cupboards as needed but eating in restaurants is a different story. As an office of 50% vegetarians, we already knew the challenges we would face, whilst we scan for green ‘V’ on a menu, vegan options tend to be overlooked.

zizzi vegan pizza









And then we heard about Zizzi.

Vegan pizza? Really? Is this true? We were excited to find out via Twitter that restaurant chain Zizzi had launched a vegan menu so much so we just had to try it out ASAP! And it got even better than that, in fact, Zizzi actually has a vegan menu. And although the menu is limited in terms of options, it was great to have a clear menu stating what we were safe to eat.

Of course we just HAD to sample the pizza, and we can safely say they were delicious. Created using vegan mozzarella made from rice milk, it tasted creamy and way better than normal cheese! For dessert we opted for another vegan friendly option, the sorbet (the strawberry flavour was gorgeous) and so left very happy.

We will certainly be paying Zizzi another visit sometime soon, and hopefully this will mark the way for more vegan friendly restaurants and options.

Well done Zizzi!