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Branding is one of those subjects that if you get right it looks effortless, one might even say that it’s easy!

So what is a brand? To us it is a combination of a name, a term, a symbol or design that uniquely identifies a company for its goods and services. It identifies the provider from others, setting them apart and making them instantly recognisable within their sector.

Your brand however resides within the hearts and minds of your customers, your prospects and your public. It is the sum total of their experiences with you, effectively your promise to them of the service they will receive.

At all times it should be the centre of your marketing strategy and wise companies continually invest in their brand.

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A good brand should deliver your message clearly, motivate your target and confirm your credibility in all respects. As a result it is important that you integrate your brand strategy at every point of client contact. Make sure all parties within your organisation are aware of your brand promise, it is only them that successfully deliver that promise on a daily basis.

So how do we go about creating your brand? First and foremost we create that brand with you. You are the experts in your business and your long term objectives are all important.

We will work with you to understand your product, service and business ambition.

The target market is all important. Who are they, what characterises them? What are their needs in respect of your service and how can we graphically build on those needs and desires?

This is where our excellent Graphic Designers come into play. Interpreting that information and relaying it to colour palettes and designs is an art form in its’ own right. Our designers use years of experience to initially create a minimum of 3 designs for you to choose from.

Thereafter it is a process of refinement until we all reach a point where we love what we have created.

At that point you will receive a branding guideline document and a full set of print ready files to enable you to use the designs across all platforms and for all requirements.

Online marketing of course can never be forgotten. We live in a digital age and we are all never far from the internet,

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normally just one click away. It is therefore critical that your brand is conveyed in the same way both online and offline.

Statistically your target market are more likely to see you online than via traditional media so we do recommend that you ensure conformity of your brand by integrating it into the World Wide Web.

In short we draw on our professional marketing experience in all arenas to feed into this creative process. Our branding services in Cambridge continue to deliver excellence, but don’t just take our word for it, ask us for some examples of our work or view our clients case studies and decide for yourself!