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Even in this digital age, direct mail marketing still can be highly effective when it comes to targeting customers with specific information.

We are becoming inundated with emails and spam so the potential for your email message becoming drowned out by all the surrounding noise is greater than ever. Online marketing is certainly cost effective so proven, traditional methods such as direct mail marketing can be over looked.

This becomes an advantage as the inbox gets larger, the in-tray gets lighter creating a greater opportunity for your mailer to stand out and get read. Many turn to email marketing because it’s an economical alternative but print costs have never been cheaper so the production of your marketing collateral can be more cost effective than you imagine.

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Direct mail allows you to be specific. Mail is a personal thing and there is a very strong chance that your mailer will reach your intended recipient. Specific also refers to content too. Direct mail should promote a particular product, service or campaign so ensure the message is clear, concise and relevant to your customers and future customers.

Not only will it help you build new relationships, it will help you maintain relationships with your existing customers, test a new product or service and help increase sales, and ultimately the bottom line.

Our advice for planning any direct mail campaign is to understand your goals. What do you want to achieve through your mailing? If you have decided to make the investment, then clear objectives that can be measured are essential. Is there a particular service or offer you want to promote? Or perhaps you want to boost sales of a particular product or launch a new product line. Whatever the reasons, Lilac James Cambridge have the experience to help you develop a direct mail campaign to get you noticed.

Highly Targeted

Understanding your objectives will help you choose your target audience. You may have a database you would like us to use or perhaps you need our help in developing a database within a relevant industry.

The team at Lilac James Cambridge have years of experience in researching potential customers and building named databases for our clients.

This is a database of highly targeted potential customers that have a need for your products or services. All you have to do is ensure your content is relevant, engaging and your communications are clear and consistent.

Brand Engagement

The moment a customer has your mailer in their hand the bond with your brand begins. There is something so much more tangible in connecting with a letter or leaflet than an email. You still have to stand out from the crowd though and this is where our creative thinking will help you get noticed.

Sending a small gift such as chocolates or biscuits will help boost your marketing activity not only exciting your potential customer but enticing them to open up the package. The free gift also serves as a reminder about your mailing, you are not likely to disappear amongst the paperwork ‘a yes the leaflet that came with the lovely biscuit’!

Direct Mail Marketing

Clear Content

Now you’ve got their attention with your gift, you must follow through with a leaflet tailored to the needs of your prospective customer.

The Lilac James team in Cambridge can help you develop the perfect eye catching promotional materials with support on design and content.

When you’ve gone to the expense of investing in a direct mail campaign, developing the perfect database and purchasing a branded gift, your letter or leaflet must have a clear, concise message that will appeal to your target market.

You know they have a need for your products or services, all you need to do is ensure your copy is engaging and in line with the objectives of your campaign.

No Cold Calls

Sending a gift is the perfect ice breaker. It’s so much easier to ask if they enjoyed their biscuit or chocolates before asking your potential new or existing customer what they thought about your offer or services. Your cold call becomes a follow up call to your direct mail campaign and suddenly the conversation appears to be friendlier and can easily lead on to business.

The highly skilled Lilac James team in Cambridge can also support you with follow up calls. Our experienced team can call on your behalf, engage with your potential customers and then begin building a database indicating whether the leads are hot, warm or cool.

Consistency is key for success

Consistent communication is key to helping you maintain your relationship with your existing customers and help build relationships with your new and potential customers. Don’t let them forget who you are. Being able to promote new offers, product lines and services to an already warm market is the easiest thing you can do.

It’s so much easier selling to those that you have built a relationship with than those that don’t know you or your business. Whatever your plans and budget, the team at Lilac James Cambridge can help you reach your goals.