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Email marketing is perfect for staying in touch with your existing or potential database. It’s not just important but a key part of your marketing plan.

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Email marketing is a cost effective way of relaying your chosen message to the right audience and whether for customer retention or acquisition, it is an instrumental vehicle to promote your business, its products and services.

Understanding your industry

At Lilac James Cambridge, we ensure your customer is at the centre of everything we do. We get to know you, your business and the objectives of your email marketing campaign. Understanding your industry not only allows us to create engaging content in the right tone of voice but helps us choose the optimal send times appropriate to your industry.

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You want to get the most from your email marketing campaign and the effort invested at the start will help you and your business reap dividends later on.

Clear goals and objectives

Understanding the goals of your email marketing campaign helps our marketing professionals to create relevant content for your chosen audience to ensure optimum success for your business.

Bear in mind the goals you set should be specific and measureable with a call to action, but our Cambridge team can offer guidance on this if necessary.

Know your audience

Once your goals and objectives are set, our marketing consultants in Cambridge will look at the audience you are trying to engage.

This may mean that we segment your existing database as your campaign may not be relevant to everyone.

Marketing, whether online or offline, is all about people. So whether we are working with an existing database or creating a new one, we ensure all email addresses are personalised with a contact name for each ensuring your information reaches the relevant person within the organisation.

It also shows that you know who they are and that they are important to you. If the content is relevant to them then they are more likely to want to find out more.

Engaging subject and content

Getting your target audience to open up your email is essential, we ensure you don’t fall at the first hurdle. The team at Lilac James Cambridge pay attention to every detail of your email including the subject title. The subject title is extremely important and will induce a potential customer to make the decision to either open up the email or delete it.

It needs to be short and sweet but compelling enough to evoke curiosity from your audience. We want your existing or potential new customer to open up the email, to read it and to click through to your website and all this starts with the subject!

Content is key! The Lilac James team in Cambridge are known for their creative approach and thinking outside of the box! Content should offer value and be relevant to your audience.

Think ‘what’s in it for me’, what will your audience gain from reading your email? Including information such as latest industry news will show you are ahead of the game and have the knowledge and the services to support their business. Creating engagement early on in the email will ensure your audience will read on.

Arousing interest in your service is crucial, fulfilling the call to action, such as clicking on a link to your website to find out more about your organisation for example. We are detailed in our approach and will customise the content to fit the groups within your database. This is all part of our service!

The design of your email is important and dependant on your objectives and audience. We can create colourful, eye catching enewsletter style mailings or a simple letter style format to match your requirements.

We also help structure your campaign and will create engaging follow up emails to help continue raising awareness of your services to your new audience as well as keeping your existing customers interested.

Tracking and analysis

Lilac James in Cambridge are an ethical organisation and work to DMA guidelines. We respect the right to opt out and will ensure your database is updated as necessary if recipients chose to unsubscribe.

Tracking and analysing the results of your email marketing campaign will help you understand what interested your audience. Looking at the click rate, and who actually clicked through to your website via a link in your email, will indicate a genuine interest in your business, a warm lead that could become a hot lead.

Consistency is key and regular communication will allow you to develop strong future business relationships.

Your success is our success so whether you need help structuring your campaign, developing your database or writing and designing the content, the team at Lilac James Cambridge are here to help.