Google Maps Business View – Photos Taken By Our Google Trusted Photographer

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Everyone remembers the hype when Google maps introduced street view. Finally we could search for restaurants, hotels and other establishments and see where we were visiting – without looking lost on the street. Well now you can look inside too!

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Google maps business view now allows searchers to see a panoramic tour inside your premises linking with the street view outside. Through the services of our Google Trusted Photographer Matthew Power, we are able to take Google business photos of your business interior transforming them into a 360 degree virtual tour.

The benefits of Google Maps Business View

• Your business is now easier to find
• Grabs the attention of potential customers
• Encourages customers to visit your business
• Stand out from the crowd in search results
• Easy to embed on your own site and share on your social media

How does it work?

Contact us, Schedule your photo shoot and Relax – we will do the hard work for you!

Our Google Trusted and Accredited photographer Matthew Power will come to your business at an arranged date and time to take some high quality panoramic photos and a few point of interest shots (still images).

Once he has all the photos he needs they will be stitched together to create your 360 degree panoramic virtual tour. This will then be embedded to your Google places account creating your Google maps business view. You will be informed as to when this is done.

And it is as simple as that.

Google Maps Business View

When you have received confirmation of your Google maps business view you will then have the option to embed it on to your site. This means you will be able to attract customers who visit your site as well as those who search for you in Google.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Can anyone apply for a Google maps business view photo shoot? Yes! We are happy to help any business from anywhere in the country.

Are there any restrictions as to which type of businesses can be photographed? Unfortunately yes. We are currently unable to photograph hotels, B&B’s and other residential holiday businesses. If you are a gym that is located within a hotel but owned separately however, we can photograph your business.

How long does the photo shoot take?The photo shoot normally takes no longer than an hour or two, unless there are any specific requirements. Our Google Trusted photographer will advise you on this.

If I apply am I committed to partaking in the photo shoot? No, if you decide that the Google maps business view is no longer required for your business, you are not tied into using our service.

How can I prepare my business for the photo shoot? There is nothing that you need to do. Once you have arranged your photo shoot with our Google Trusted photographer – you can sit back and relax.

Of course, you are more than welcome to have a tidy, but we want customers to see the real business environment and what they will view when they come and visit.

Which areas of my business will be photographed? You will discuss with our Google Trusted photographer as to what parts of the business you wish to appear in the virtual tour. Usually the customer-facing areas are the spaces of choice.

Will the photo shoot disrupt my businesses working day? We understand that you are running a business and this is why our Google Trusted Photographer is trained to be as undisruptive as possible when taking your business photos.

Will my employees or customers be photographed? As the main focus of the Google business photos are to showcase the inside of your business, there will be very few people in your shots as possible.

The photo shoot doesn’t require any lighting or special equipment and is arranged at a time to suit you.

However, we do suggest warning employees and customers about the photo shoot so they can avoid being in the photos if they wish. In any case faces are blurred out and not shown.

How much does this service cost? The cost depends on the size of your business. Please contact a member of our team for a quotation.

What else can we help you with?

To have a Google maps business view you must have a Google places account. We are able to set up and optimise your Google places account allowing you to be found in local search results. We can also set up your Google plus account too.

We also provide a full range of marketing services – from SEO and PPC (web/digital marketing) to PR and traditional marketing.

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