Branding iSee:My

Your brand identifies you from your competitors, sets you aside and makes you easily recognisable within your sector. Branding is much more than just a logo or graphics, it encapsulates all aspects of your brand from your website to social media, customer experience and even your staff.

Solid branding doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it come easy. A good brand will come from strategic planning and extensive research into your target market. A brand should deliver your message clearly and motivate your target audience. You should have a firm understanding of who they are, what their needs are and how you build on those needs and desires. By building a strong brand you are able to connect with your customers on a stronger emotional level by encouraging engagement and strong associations to your brand. Your brand is the foundation for all your marketing and touch points, and can establish you within your industry.

At Lilac James we understand all the crucial stages in creating a strong brand. At the start of the year we were approached by two entrepreneurs with a specialism in software development. Having created a GPS tracker in the form of an app to track loved ones and pets they were unsure on how to market the product and seeked our help. When they first came to us their branding was extremely weak, there was little thought about their target market, no logo and no clear message.

That’s where we came in. Having recognised strong potential in the product, we began to draw up a strategic marketing and branding plan. In order to appeal to the target audience of families and pet owners we knew the existing brand name and website would not appeal. Branding needs to inspire and attract, we felt the existing colour scheme and original brand name was outdated and too corporate.

Previously named ‘Pagiot’ the Lilac James team first took to renaming the brand to something fresher and representative of the product itself.

We conceived the name ‘iSee:My’ and collectively agreed that this would be the way forward.We wanted a name that would deliver the message of what the brand and product does whilst drawing in the consumers attention and remaining memorable.

The Logo

The next step was to begin work on a logo that reflected the brand we were creating. With the help of our graphic designer we created an image that clearly represented the product whilst maintaining a contemporary feel. The brand name and logo went hand in hand and we felt it strongly defined the product that had been created.

With the branding foundations in place, this is just the start for iSee:My. As mentioned previously, branding isn’t a quick process, it takes time and strategic planning. The next steps of our branding and marketing strategy include social media, advertising and PR. We’re working hard to build a viable brand and to get that brand noticed whilst engaging with our potential market. This is why social media plays a large role in our marketing plan, we can use this tool to converse and build relationships with both customers and influencers.

Watch this space, as we hope you’ll be seeing iSee:My on your screen in the very near future!