Don’t Rest on your Keyword Laurels – Landscaper Gardener Case Study

Marketing has become an industry in its own right. You only have to watch some of the successful TV series Mad Men, set in the Madison Avenue central hub of advertising in New York in the 1960s, to see how far we’ve come from those initial forays in to trying to think of the consumer and their wants and needs, from the physical, to the emotional, and even aspirational.

With big business and wealthy small businesses being all too aware of the impact marketing has on the success of their business, it has become all the more important for small businesses to invest in the marketing of their business in order to compete. For some industries, it may not be a huge leap for someone on staff to learn the basics and start implementing them at minimal cost whilst performing their other duties, at least to begin with. But for some businesses in some industries, finding the office time or the right member of staff to focus on implementing marketing strategies in to the business might be a lot less easy, practical, or affordable.

One case study of ours comes from Domestic & Commercial Landscape Gardeners, All Seasons. Garden Designers based in the Cambridge region, the business owners are very hands on and spend a lot of their time on site, or at HQ preparing planters, soil, and features ready for redoing their clients’ gardens.
Despite having good success with referrals from previous clients, and great feedback, the business wasn’t growing as the owners had predicted, and they became aware that their website wasn’t being found online – and that even if it was, they didn’t feel the existing website gave the right image to people searching for a landscape gardener business Essex etc.

Lilac James undertook a project with them to fully research the keywords that would work best for optimising their website to receive more traffic, and to understand the failings of the previous website in order to work with a website developer to create a better website for successfully converting visitors to paying customers.

The brilliant new website will be going live in the near future, and we look forward to sharing the results of blossoming numbers of clients alongside their gardens in bloom this Spring.