Lead Forensics Success – Lilac Practice What They Preach

Lilac James has been a partner with Lead Forensics since 2015, Lead Forensics provide an excellent B2B Lead Generation Software Service that enables you to see which companies have visited your website.

Needless to say the team at Lilac practice what they preach and as such were able to see that a regional 4 star hotel and spa had visited our site on a cold Friday afternoon in November 2015.

Striking whilst the ‘iron was hot’ our Founder Karen James, emailed the Marketing Manager of the Hotel on the Monday morning. It had only taken minutes on LinkedIn to establish the name of the marketing person responsible and their reception were happy to give us her email address.

Our email introduced the services of our agency and offered them a free SEO Health Check on their current website. The offering included technical analysis of their site and an understanding of how they were performing on the internet in relation to their competitors.

Shortly after the email was sent the Marketing Manager for the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa had telephoned the Lilac office. Being a professional lady of course she was interested to hear if our contact was purely coincidental. Maintaining our honest approach we advised her of the Lead Forensics tool that we use and how it works. Far from being put off by the ‘big brother’ approach the sales and marketing team at Bedford Lodge were very impressed with our proactivity and professionalism.

A full Health Check followed together with some research by the Lilac team into the competitiveness of the sector in both organic and PPC terms. Additionally of course these types of services are ideally suited to social media advertising channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Following another one of our Founders sayings ‘preparation is everything’ the Lilac team attended a meeting at their beautiful hotel and spa facility in Newmarket Suffolk.

Suffice to say that all negotiations went extremely well and Lilac James now conduct SEO, Web Development and Social Media Advertising Services for both the Hotel and the Spa websites. Results to date are excellent and the client is wonderful to work with. A shining example of good business practice utilising professional tools to assist.

Here is what Kaz Clarke, Marketing Manager for Bedford Lodge and Spa had to say: ‘We were so impressed how quickly Lilac James reacted to us looking at their website. This told us that not only were they technically savvy but also a step ahead of the game (some companies we looked at didn’t even answer the phone!)

For us the fact that a company is “on it” was very important, you know that if they work that way for themselves they will work that way for you too. Also knowing that when we searched for SEO Cambridge Lilac James came up despite the fact that they are not even in Cambridge! A great sign and we are delighted with how it is all going to date’.

A huge thank you to both Lead Forensics and the Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa. As they say – Onwards and Upwards!