Lilac James Becomes Lead Forensics Partner

Are you a B2B? Do you want to know more about who’s visiting your site, and capitalise on this? Over 90% of B2B buying decisions start on the web, and as little as 2% of B2B web visitors actually make an enquiry which means up to 98% of people visiting your site will have a look around then leave. Lead Forensics is a unique piece of software which can resolve this issue and identify exactly who is visiting your site. As a business, quality leads are potential sales, maximise every visit to your website with Lead Forensics.

You might be asking, how is this different to google analytics? By using Lead Forensics, you can identify the business name, telephone number, address and website address of your silent visitors. A day doesn’t go by where B2B marketers aren’t fighting to generate more leads, Lead Forensics can also provide the search term they used to find you, as well as the specific pages they visited and how long they spent on each page. In addition, you can also set up trigger reports that drop directly into your inbox when a visitor matches the specific criteria you set. This is valuable information and holds the ability to turn what were unknown customers into hot potential sales leads which you otherwise wouldn’t even know you had!

Equip your sales team with Lead Forensics for an empowered and effective strategy. Reduce the time spent cold calling and get instant quality data about your visitors. Lead Forensics clients have reported increases in sales of up to 50% by using the lead generation software. You can spend less of your time researching the visitors to your website and more time actually speaking to them and maximising sales.

Adding the Lead Forensics software to your website is a simple process taking just minutes to complete, once installed you can begin maximising your websites performance!

As a main lead forensics partner we can assist you in the installation process, and discuss just how you can reap the benefits of this advanced piece of software. Contact us today to start converting your visitors into potential sales.