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Engaging marketing collateral relies not just on eye catching design but a clear and simple message. Exciting copy & quality content marketing is essential to capture the imagination and attention of your audience.


The team of marketing professionals at Lilac James Cambridge pride themselves on their creative approach. We can provide original copy for all offline and online platforms, from websites and newsletters to brochures and leaflets.

Our professional copywriting team will write compelling copy that represents your business and its services. Helping you to get noticed in your competitive arena.

Whether you need a strap line for a poster or pages of copy for a new brochure Lilac James will help your organisation stand out from the rest. From the planning stage right through to promotion we can work out a strategy that will help you connect with your audience.

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Web Content

Exciting and appealing copy on your website will not only help engage your customers and hold their attention but if written with the correct key word strategy, will support the search engine optimisation (SEO) of your site.

Our Cambridge copywriting team will become experts in your field so they can write your web pages with authority and knowledge, matching your organisation’s brand and tone of voice.

Compelling and persuasive copy is essential for your business to help increase conversion rates and sales but the pages also need to contain key words within the text to help lift your website up the search engine rankings.

This helps your potential customers find your site when they search for key word terms in relation to your business, its product and services.

Content Marketing

Engaging, well optimised copy is not only essential for SEO but it is also essential to avoid negative SEO.

The recent Google Panda Algorithm updates penalised thin, poor and duplicate copy on websites. This meant websites with weak content lost ranking, even some large websites such as Ebay and Amazon were hit hard.

The expert copywriting team at Lilac James can help you avoid negative SEO by ensuring quality, optimised content. Visit our Cambridge SEO services page for more information.

Content for new websites

At Lilac James we are experienced in working with web designers at the development stage of new websites.

The key word strategy we develop from our research ensures that the structure and content of the site is created for SEO.

So right from the start we can guarantee that the new content for your website will be fully optimised and the structure will be perfect for SEO.

Not only this, it will create a user friendly website for your customers, resulting in a reduced bounce rate whilst increasing the number of pages visited and length of time spent.

Content for existing websites

As well as creating content for new websites our marketing professionals are also experienced in working with existing websites increasing or decreasing content where necessary to strengthen SEO. As mentioned before, the recent Google Panda Algorithm updates penalised websites with too much and too little copy.

Through Google’s eyes, not having enough copy means is equal to no SEO and having too much copy will dilute the effort of any existing key words within the page resulting in a negative effect on your website’s rankings.

So whether we need to increase the number of words on the pages of your website or create new pages based on the results of our key word research, our Cambridge copywriting team can make the improvements to a website with too little content.

Likewise if your website has too much content, we can reduce the number of words, rewrite the pages to include the correct number of key words and ensure there is no duplication of text within your site.

Ensuring fresh content

Fresh content on a website is essential for SEO. We can ensure the content of your website is kept fresh and up to date. There are many ways to do this by writing blogs, posting ’latest news’ articles or amending existing pages.

We can create new, fresh content and update your website on a monthly basis so there is one less thing on our task list for you to worry about!


Adding a blog to your website is the perfect way to keep your site fresh with regular new content and also an interesting way to share information or experiences relevant to your industry with your customers and potential customers. Blogs can also be used for link building and will therefore support SEO.

Consistency is key but finding the time to write a blog on a regular basis can be hard. The copywriting team at Lilac James, Cambridge can write your blog for you.

Whether you provide the subject you’d like us to write about or we come up with the idea, either way we can write engaging copy and help lighten your load.

Social Media Content

A social media presence for your business is essential whether you want to increase sales, promote your services, increase footfall to your shop or launch a new product range.

A strong social media strategy will result in engagement with your target audience, the key to your success. Understanding your audience, choosing the right platform and creating regular posts with engaging content is vital. Don’t just post about anything and everything, be strategic.

This can be a time consuming activity so Lilac James can not only help support your social media management but our Cambridge copywriting team create engaging content with relevant links to your website.

So whether you want a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google + or LinkedIn we can help you and remove your social media headache!

Online advertising content

Online advertising is an important part of your marketing strategy that can reach your chosen audience directing them instantly to your website. Lilac James write advertising content for social media advertising platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn as well as PPC adverts.

Understanding how to get the most out of each platform we create catchy, sales focused copy including calls to action and key words relevant to your service or products to help get you noticed online.

Link building Content

As well as on-page optimisation, off page optimisation is also essential to increase the traffic to your website, enquiries and sales. Link building is one of the off-page methods that can be used to improve SEO.

The Lilac James copywriting team from Cambridge offer link building content writing services creating engaging, relevant copy for articles, responses on forums, blogs, news stories and social bookmarking sites. Our experienced copy writing team will write quality content, optimised with your key words which will strengthen the SEO of your website.

Copywriting for Print

Despite the rise of online marketing and social media, traditional off-line marketing methods still prove to be popular. When you make the investment of designing and printing marketing collateral you need to ensure the copy is exciting and represents your business well.

Lilac James will write engaging copy for publications such as brochures, leaflets, flyers and newsletters. We will get to know your business and become the marketing arm of your organisation.

We have years of experience writing for many different industries including professional services, cleaning services and the hospitality industry.

Our expert Cambridge copywriting team can write in a variety of styles to suit your promotional materials whether it’s an informative, educational document or a sales leaflet promoting your latest offer.

We can write the high quality content that you will need to ensure your business and its services get noticed.