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What is SEO?
SEO – also known as Search Engine Optimisation, is the process by which your company can be found on the internet for the products and/or services you provide.

Too often companies are only found for their name or keywords that are not optimum in terms of driving traffic to their site meaning they miss out on website traffic, enquiries and sales.

Our Cambridge based Marketing & SEO Agency consultants provide you with facts. We work hard to increase the activity on your site getting you results. Our FREE SEO Health Check will tell you how you and your competitors are performing on Google today, what keywords you should optimise your site for, and what improvements need to be made at no cost to you.

Free SEO Health Check

SEO optimisation in Cambridge – The On-Page Process

Our Cambridge SEO Agency experts always start with extensive keyword research. Taking into account your recommendations and our experience we enter keyword ideas into the Google Keyword Planner and other analysis tools.

These tools tells us exactly what your customers are searching for in Google when they are looking for what you do. It tells us the exact amount of monthly searches for each as well as competition and suggested bid levels for AdWords.

We then provide you with an online strategy report including a recommended keyword allocation. This tells you which keywords we feel are best suited to your website pages based on their search levels, the amount of competition and your current performance.

Once this is agreed and you are 100% happy, our Cambridge SEO Agency experts write all Meta data for each page including Meta titles, Meta descriptions and H1 headings. We also look at your URL structure, contextual links and alt tags.

Also included in this part of the process is your copy. Content on your website is crucial – with the recent Google Panda Algorithm Update, Google is now penalising websites that have ‘thin’, ‘poor’ and ‘duplicate’ content.

Here our Cambridge SEO Agency Experts re-write your content optimising it for the keyword allocated, making sure there is no duplication. If you have ‘thin’ content on your site, we can offer you some help with our content marketing services.

To complete the process, back end modifications to your site are carried out. Our SEO on-page optimisation process can be carried out as a one off project or part of an on-going package that includes off-page optimisation too. One of our team will discuss your package options with you!

Cambridge SEO optimisation – The Off- Page Process

Once all the on-page elements are completed it’s the turn of off-page optimisation. This part assists in achieving rankings results, increasing your website traffic and is crucial for effective SEO.

To begin we carry out a back links detox – here our SEO experts gather a comprehensive list of your back links, analysing them in terms of their quality and potential negative effect on your rankings.

A strategy is then created recommending the removal of any toxic back links.


We have recently seen an increase in the number of clients hit by negative SEO – we have also experienced it ourselves.

This is where someone, such as a competitor, builds toxic back links to your website using a high percentage of keyword rich anchor texts, which can result in a Google Penalty.

We can identify this underhand tactic and prevent it from happening again. Take a look at our Google Penalty Recovery page for more information.

Once we have carried out a back links detox, our Cambridge SEO agency experts start to build healthy back links from other high quality sites to your own.

They work hard with you to understand the opportunities available, building on previous and existing relationships as well as exploring new avenues.

This process is not simple and can take a lot of time. Due to this, we are unable to guarantee a set amount of links per month.

Instead, we determine your needs and offer you the right amount of hours required. We advise you on the quality of your own site and whether we feel others will link back to it, and we promise you that our team of SEO professionals will work hard to identify link opportunities and achieve them for you.

We are extremely transparent and open in our approach, recording all of our activity including email correspondents delivered and received, and written editorials published. We then report these back to you if required. We want to prove to you that our time spent is worthwhile.

Why do we work in this way? The higher the quality and more relevant the site the more positive result it will have on your websites performance. This is because Google is very interested in what other people say about you rather than what you say. A back link therefore equates to a recommendation of your products and/or services by someone else to Google.

Hence, it is not worth us spending our time or your budget obtaining links for low quality, irrelevant sources.

Another important part of off-page optimisation is social media. Although not included in some of our packages – we are able to help you with this. Take a look at our social media management and social media advertising pages.

If you would like more details on our Organic SEO Process, please call our offices in Cambridgeshire or drop in for a chat and a cup of tea. Kettle’s always on!