How being social pays

Have you ever wondered what real effects social media could have on your business, in terms of visibility and generating interest in your service or product?  Look no further than this example of free marketing by the power of the people.  Worldwide recognition is given to a 21 year old man from Northamptonshire, who takes the initiative to clean road side signs in his own time. Professional window cleaner and new business owner, Liam Wildish steps up for his neighbourhood and freshens up tired and dirt ridden road signs to ensure his hometown Retford, Northants is looking its best.

Wildish’s cleaning videos went viral with over 3 million views, as people were captivated  by his ‘good’ and ‘honest’ activity within the community. Local politicians even got a whiff of this genius campaign as Labour MP for Bassetlaw, John Mann supports the call for Mr Wildish to be honoured, as he goes onto exclaim; “We should celebrate community activists and their commitment to making things better for us.” Wildish believes road safety is imperative and that this will keep motorists safe, “I like to think it improves safety on the road,” he exclaims. Not only has it had a positive impact on his community but also his business whether that be consciously or unconsciously the results have been astonishing.  Social power is alive, getting stronger and here to stay.