Specialists LinkedIn Advertising Services

Leverage the world’s premier B2B network to craft precision-targeted advertising campaigns that yields tangible outcomes. LinkedIn advertising offers unparalleled precision in reaching busy professionals based on job titles, fields of study, affiliated companies, and much more.

Catapult your marketing endeavours to greater effectiveness, establishing connections with your audience that surpass the usual.

Why advertise on Linkedin?

Google, and social media platforms all have their advantages and disadvantages when it comes to audience targeting. LinkedIn’s clear advantage is the ability to be hyper targeted at the exact people and companies relevant to your business.
Want to reach all HR Managers in London, who work in Law firms with 50+ employees… no problem.
LinkedIn has a range of ways to reach your ideal target customer, and Lilac James has significant expertise crafting campaigns that deliver the perfect message, to your target customer to achieve a range of business objectives including lead generation, brand awareness and direct sales acquisition.

Our process.

Lilac James works with your business to drive sales profitably, and sustainably, allowing you to grow.
Effective Audience Targeting
Using a range of advanced targeting techniques to reach your ideal target customer
Fantastic Advert Creatives
Working with you to develop, and test scroll-stopping creatives, determining and scaling what works best.
Funnel considerations and creation
Considering and improving your sales funnel and customer journey to ensure your Facebook Ads have the optimal chances of success.
Drive Leads and Sales
Whether it’s E-Commerce, or Lead Generation, with over 10 years experience running Meta Ads, our team are supremely confident we will bring you a great ROI.
Analyse, Test, Optimise
Continually refining and improving your Facebook and Instagram advertising strategy to improve ROMS (Return on Marketing Spend).
Routine Campaign Creation
We create different campaigns to prevent audience fatigue and refine your advertising strategy, continually improving results.

Why businesses trust Lilac James with their LinkedIn Ads

  1. Results-Driven Approach
    We identify what is important, generally, that’s leads, and sales that generate a positive ROI. We ensure our strategy aligns with delivering against that goal, we NEVER attempt to blind customers with vanity metrics.
  2. No long contracts.
    Advertising on Facebook and Instagram can take a few months to identify the right strategy that delivers incredible results, but with Lilac James, you can cancel our working relationship at any time. Unlike other agencies, we don’t tie you into lengthy contracts.
  3. Transparent Reporting
    Every Lilac James client receives access to our interactive reporting software that transparently holds all their digital marketing performance data, in one place. This can be accessed at any time, from a desktop or mobile device.
  4. Not capped by hours.
    We work the hours we need to bring you the results you deserve. Sometimes with digital marketing, there are unexpected complications, and things take longer than expected. With Lilac James, that’s on us, you won’t receive additional invoices.
  5. Work undertaken in Cambridgeshire
    All Lilac James’ work is undertaken from our head office in Cambridgeshire, meaning easy communication, with local experts. Unfortunately, many agencies secure contracts, and immediately outsource all the work overseas, causing many problems.
  6. Unlimited Campaign Creation
    We will create as many campaigns and Ads as is required to deliver quantifiable success, at no extra cost.

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Request your free review...

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