Why sponsorship is a great marketing tool

Sponsorship is a strong means of refining your competitive edge; supporting events and organisations that your potential customers will find appealing will most certainly help improve your company’s image and credibility. Cornering your target market could be quick and effective providing you pick the right sponsorship opportunity for your business.

Increasing numbers of small and medium sized businesses are contributing to the growth of this kind of marketing, where previously only large businesses had the budget. Smaller companies are now able to sponsor everything from local sports teams to eco-friendly initiatives such as litter picks and park clean ups.  It’s all an effective method of boosting visibility within the community as well as raising their profile.

There are a vast spectrum of benefits that can be achieved from sponsorship outside of visibility and profile image. It will help develop better relationships with customers, help to showcase your products and service, and if you have any outdated merchandise, this can be passed on too – it’s all advertising!

Some marketers are of the opinion that corporate sponsorship is more tangible than other methods as it provides more instant opportunities to gauge customer response.  Business owners can relate directly with customers at sponsored events, and those customers are able to try products or services first-hand.  Other market research methods can be costly and may not target the right kind of people, and filling out surveys and questionnaires won’t allow prospective customers to ‘test drive’ the products your company may have to offer.

Raised visibility and positive publicity through the media, particularly social media is invaluable.  Having your company name associated with a corporate event can be a terrific marketing tool.  It can gain massive exposure through many different platforms, with the publication of photos, names and brands, many of which will link back to your company. Choosing the right event is key, and should be appropriate to your business.

However you choose to reach your marketing goals, sponsorship is always going to be consumer friendly. Whether you decide to stay local and opt to sponsor a sports team, or set your sights higher on a hospitality based event, it is essential to research your opportunities and match them to your business.

More and more of our clients here at Lilac James are enjoying the benefits of sponsorship; two in particular – Cleaning Machines For Hire and Briar Security Systems Ltd are enjoying the advantages of a sponsorship strategy. Even at a relatively minor level their businesses are becoming better known within their communities whilst they help out worthy and often struggling causes.