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Google Ads (PPC) for Cambridge & Beyond

PPC advertising is a fantastic marketing strategy that can be used in a variety of ways to reach your target customer at the exact moment when they are searching for the products and services which you offer. It can also be an expensive, inefficient and ineffective marketing strategy if employed incorrectly. 

Our proven and highly effective Google Ads management services can drive highly relevant, interested traffic to your website irrespective of your organic positions and fully optimise your ROI.  Lilac James Google Ads PPC strategies are extremely flexible and can be instantly adapted to the season, your budget and the marketplace.

Fully managed PPC services mean you won't lift a finger.  We take care of everything and our account manager will ensure you are kept fully informed and that spend is optimised and within budget. 

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The first step to working with Lilac James is a free 15 minute initial consultation following which we'll conduct research into potential PPC strategies to meet your stated objectives.


We'll then present our findings and recommendations free of charge, allowing you to make informed decisions. 


''Their greatest achievement is managing to explain the 'dark art' of SEO and AdWords to a lay person like me - and cause me to understand it!''


Simon Youngs

Steady Spin Ltd.

''I can't believe what a difference this company made by sorting out my SEO & Google Ad problems. My sales have doubled since they did it!''

John, Steady Spin Ltd.​​​​​​​

Google Ads Management


Even though Google Ads can be an effective way of attracting potential customers and targeted traffic to your website, it can be rather costly if set up and managed incorrectly. Creating the initial ad is easy but maximising your return on investment is not!


Our personalised Google Ads services are completely tailored to your needs – we treat your business as if it was our own providing you with first class PPC set up and management.



How can the Lilac James PPC Agency help you?


Google Ads provides you with instant results, immediate traffic, enquiries and sales. It is also a very useful tool when testing keywords, landing pages and campaign messages.


If you are launching a new website it may take months for Google to recognise it within the organic search results.  A Google Ads strategy provides a short term fix which can go onto shape the design and content elements of your platform for maximum conversion.


Our process not only includes the setting up of your account and campaigns, but frequent monitoring, monthly management and marketing advice too. We start the process with extensive keyword research allowing us to understand exactly what it is your customers search for when looking for you and your product/services.


Keywords effect the true success of your paid campaigns – if you select the wrong keywords, keyword strategy or forget to include negative keywords, you open your campaign up to wasted budget expenditure. For example, a broad match keyword of ‘couples holidays’ tells Google to show your ads whenever someone searches for anything including ‘couples holidays’ such as ‘couples holidays in France’. If you don’t offer France as a location, it would be a waste of your budget for your advert to appear here.


Based on the keyword research our qualified staff then write your campaigns ads using their creative and unique content writing skills, optimising them with the chosen keywords, call to actions and information that will add value. They will utilise all Google elements that will enhance your ad on the search page, making you stand out to your potential customers in comparison to your competitors.


There are a few different types of ads that you can choose from depending on your products and services, and where you want your ads to appear.


For example, if your ‘couples holidays’ are hugely discounted for the January sales, you may wish to choose a text ad which appears in both the search network (Google’s Search Engine) and display network (Google’s Partnership sites) during this time.


As mentioned above, whatever decision you make now can be changed in the future, if you decide you no longer want to show your ads on the display network, or you no longer want to use a specific ad – we can adjust your campaign immediately.


Our team will also look at your website and the landing pages that your ads will point to. Google ranks your ad against your competitors by using a few measures including ad strength and quality score. In order to have the best quality score possible, the landing page chosen must be the most relevant page possible.


Our experts scan your website for these offering you advice and recommendations on how they should be optimised for your ad campaign – they may even recommend creating a few new pages, all of which we can help you with.


Once everything is completed they will ask for your approval, making sure you are completely happy with the ads that have been written, the landing pages that have been chosen or created, and the overall campaign itself. They will also explain the goal conversions that have been set up within Google Analytics. These conversions measure a range of actions that customers take on your website, giving you complete transparency for your return on investment.


As soon as your campaign is live, our Cambridge based team will then continue to monitor your campaign, continually adding negative keywords, adjusting your ads and bids allowing you to get the results you want. They will also provide you with monthly reports so you know exactly how they are performing and what impact your campaign is having on your sales and profit.


Unsure about what you want or need? Check out our 5 star Google reviews or take a look at our Case Studies page. Ask us for a FREE Digital Marketing Review – this will tell you where you are currently and what our SEO & PPC Agency experts recommend in your case.

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