Google Penalty Recovery

Google Penalty Recovery by Cambridge SEO Experts

Has your website traffic unexpectedly dropped and the phone suddenly gone quiet with emails drying up?


You could have been hit by a Google Penalty. This can be extremely damaging for businesses that rely on leads from search engine traffic.

Your Success Is Our Success!


Are you suffering from a dramatic drop in website traffic? 

We can help. 

Since 2008 we have helped numerous businesses recover from Google Penalties and expand their businesses to the next level. 

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“I came across Lilac James when searching online for a professional SEO company to resolve serious digital marketing issues that I was experiencing. From the outset it was clear that they were very experienced and professional. They explained exactly what the problems were and how to rectify them. They also refused to over promise, I knew I needed to take a long term view and they managed my expectations perfectly. I have no hesitation in recommending their services, they are the real deal.”

Mark Lawrence




''Our company is international and operates in the health and beauty sector. We were unaware that we had collected over 100 dangerous, spammy domains pointing back to our website. Many of these were very unsavoury and were damaging both our digital position and our reputation. Lilac James resolved our issues and now manage this ongoing problem for us. We can breathe easy.''


Faye Elmore
Senior Customer Marketing Manager




Why does Google issue Penalties?

From unnatural links and low quality content to cloaking and malware issues, there are a number of reasons why Google may penalise your website.

At Lilac James we are expertly equipped to deal with your Google Penalty recovery. How we hear you ask? Back in 2014 we noticed that we were being targeted by our competitors with negative SEO.

Luckily we recognised it very promptly and were able to treat it before it resulted in a penalty from Google, and before we needed to recover any lost website traffic.

How did we do this?

Firstly we noticed an increase in the number of back links to our site. We ran our website through our links detox service gathering as much information as possible from many different sources. We collated this information into a spreadsheet and manually checked every link looking for spam.

What did we find?

We found over 25 spammy back links pointing to our website all of which had keyword rich anchor texts. Some were very easy to identify as the websites had a long list of links or featured comments that read ‘xxx’ or ‘great post’ using the anchor text as the name of the commenter.

Others were more difficult to recognise as the websites had good domain authorities and the link was used within a post.

However, most of these websites were not indexed in Google and had low domain authorities. These indications amongst others told us that these links would harm our website.

What did we do?

We worked hard to communicate with the individual websites that had a link pointing back to us, contacting them via email, their website and social media profiles. Some replied and were willing to help us in our quest for recovery, most did not respond at all.

This meant that we needed to ask Google to help us – we created a file that would be compatible with Google’s disavow tool and submitted it. We then waited and prayed that it would be accepted whilst continuing with healthy back link building.

How would we help you in your Google Penalty Recovery?

We treat all our clients businesses as if they were our own – if you are worried about a Google Penalty we would carry out the same process on your site as we did on ours.

We would first identify the source of the Google Penalty whether it was poor back links, thin content or malware/cloaking issues.

If it was your back links that were the issue we would start your recovery project with our link detox services, gathering as much information about your back links from tools such as your Google Webmaster Account, Moz, SEM RUSH and AHREFS.

We would then collate all the information into a spreadsheet and check each link individually, thus making sure that there aren’t any backlinks harming your website’s performance.

Then we would create a recovery strategy which included contacting the websites and asking them to remove the link back to your site, a disavow submission if needed, whilst naturally building a number of healthy back links that will help to improve your websites level of quality back links.

As mentioned, creating spammy links is not the only way you can be penalised by Google. If you have ‘poor’, ‘thin’ or ‘duplicate’ content on your website, this can also result in a Google Penalty in line with the Panda Algorithm Update. At Lilac James we are able to help you with this type of recovery too.

Our expert SEO professionals can run your website through a range of tools including Siteliner which tells them how much of your content is ‘poor’.

Once we have established this we can offer you our help through our content writing services, where our creative team can re-write all the necessary pages on your site making sure that they are not similar in any way. Take a look at our content writing page and see how we can help you.

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