SEO Mentoring

We have found that many businesses have highly capable marketing teams and consequently want to retain their SEO development in-house. The difficulty is very few people have credible skills and experience delivering consistent and high quality SEO.

When businesses hire people to specifically drive their SEO they often do the right thing and invest in training, however these individuals are then often left to their own devices, learning as they go with little support, quality assurance or oversight. This creates a single point of failure in businesses and exposes them to risks of:

1.  Google Penalties

2.  Reduced Rankings

3. Wasted time, effort and energy

Lilac James has developed a 7 step SEO mentoring process which not only ensures your team has the required training but also has our experts on hand to guide them through the process of delivering consistent high quality SEO. Our 7 stage process includes an initial consultation, bespoke training, on page optimisation, ongoing content strategy, backlink analysis, technical SEO review and monthly management reporting. 

There is no monthly tie in to this service and it can be cancelled at any time.  Generally we work with mentoring clients for approximately 6 months until the team become confident in their newfound skills and experience. 

Prices from £495pcm.

Your Success Is Our Success!


If you're looking to retain SEO services in-house and need more support than simple training then our mentoring service could be perfect for you. 


Please get in touch by clicking the button below and we can assess whether we are the right fit for each other. 


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Data HQ


''This a perfect solution for us because it is impossible for us to keep up with Google’s ever changing goal posts, this way we are assured we are following best current practice.

The strategic advice and detailed actions we have received from Lilac James have enabled us to increase our search visibility by 100% in just 2 months.

The team at Lilac James in Cambridge are real experts in their field, I highly recommend their services.''


David Battson

Sales & Operations Director


''This is the second time we have used Lilac James for SEO training and mentoring. This time it was to provide an update on changes in SEO since the last session and also to make sure our newest team members were up to speed. Karen and the team were very helpful, tailoring the training to exactly what we required and on hand to answer questions in between sessions.''

Joanne Vincent

Marketing Manager

See the below video for what our Business Development Manager, Jamie Stenton has to say. If this sounds of interest to you, please get in touch any which way how!

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We are a small friendly team of marketing professionals at Lilac James, and we like to feel part of our client’s marketing team.

Irrespective of your immediate requirement, we will always be proactive in our suggestions.

Each client and market place is unique. We like to apply our brains to a new sector, helping to view your business from a fresh perspective. If we don’t think it will work – we will tell you.

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