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The effect that social media has had on our everyday lives and the way in which we network with friends and family is incredible but you may ask yourself, why should I use social media for my business?

It doesn’t work for everyone and you may have heard some horror stories about it, but research has shown that 89% of 18-29 year olds are on a social media platform, 92% of consumers trust a family or friends’ review on social media and 97% of customers search for local businesses online. So the answer to your question is simple – your customers are online and are on social media so you should be too.

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In the last 10 years social media has really turned the internet upside down. How we interact with brands and communicate with organisations has changed dramatically. Think about how you use social media – do you like your favourite brands on Facebook, do you communicate with companies via Twitter, and do you use Google Plus/Places to rate businesses and their services? Some companies have even started using social media as a way of recruiting employees as it can be a cost effective way to reduce your expenditure when looking to expand your business or replace staff that are departing.

When done correctly, social media allows you as a business to communicate and engage your customers online, taking part in their online experiences outside of the more usual channels.

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With the right social media campaign and management, you can increase your brand exposure, gain new website visitors and natural back links. All of which can help with your search engine ranking positions, overall website traffic, sales and profits.

At Lilac James this is exactly how we can help you – our Cambridge social media management services allow you to achieve your branding and marketing communication goals through the use of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Places, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn. Not like any other Cambridge Marketing & SEO Agency, our marketing consultants help you to build online experiences, grow communications and connect with your target market.

How do we do this? Firstly we set up and create your social media accounts. If they are already set up we look at the ways in which we can improve and optimise them. We will then take a look at your target market, your company goals and objectives, and provide you with a strategy proposal perfectly suited to you and your business. We tailor all of our services to your specific needs as individual goals and objectives can differ depending on your business type.

However most social media management objectives include; increase brand awareness and visibility, encourage customer feedback and dialogue, and management of online brand reputation. We are well-qualified in online reputation management services due to our team’s expert PR skills – visit our PR Cambridge page to find out more.

Another one of your social media management goals may be to sell your products and/or services through social media and this is something we can also help you with. Our Cambridge SEO experts work with you to create the perfect advertisements that will attract customers to your site whilst encouraging them to make a purchase.

Similar to PPC and Google AdWords, our Cambridge SEO team can transfer their expert skills and transform your social media advertising opportunities into website visits, sales and profits. Take a look at our Cambridge social media advertising page and see how.

Once our strategy proposal is approved by you we will start the process by joining in on conversations with your target market, sharing relevant and interesting content, and encouraging feedback from your customers. We will fully integrate all of your social media communications with all other forms, both online and offline.

We will monitor what is being said about your brand or business, making sure you are responsive to all brand interactions. For example, if for one reason or another you receive a bad review on Google Plus/Places, we will offer you advice on how you should approach this and help you to communicate with the customer.

Most of all, will make sure you are coming across as a human being – there is nothing worse as a customer than interacting with a company online and feeling like you are talking to a robot, not getting the answers or information you want. With our social media management services you can be reassured that your target market won’t feel like this.