SEO & Digital Marketing Services for Sports & Fitness

The vibrant, multi-faceted sports and fitness industry was worth more than 2 billion pounds a year in 2019. The sector is predicted to boom post pandemic so it is important that businesses prepare to maximise their position in the digital arena. A local SEO strategy is often critical here, if your service offer includes a […]

SEO & Digital Marketing Services for Retail & Ecommerce

The percentage of retail sales via the internet peaked at 35 percent in November 2020, levels are predicted to rise as customers exchange busy shopping centres for the convenience and safety of home delivery. Optimising your products for online sales has never been more important. The internet however is a competitive arena, it is important to […]

SEO & Digital Marketing for Security & Safety

The security and safety market is fast growing with the sector estimated at 1.5 billion pounds in 2019. Products and services of course are wide ranging, everything from intruder alarms to access control and security guards. Once again, local SEO is important with users often searching for suppliers near their physical location. Optimisation of your Google My […]

SEO & Digital Marketing for Travel

Tourism in general was worth £127 billion to the UK economy in 2019, hit hard by the pandemic the sector is still predicted to bounce back to over £250 billion by 2025. This will represent approximately 10% of British GDP and support around 3.8 million jobs. A very important sector that has seen huge increases […]

SEO & Digital Marketing for Technology Businesses

The technology sector is vast and multi-faceted with new markets constantly emerging. It is in this sector that we find the most new keyword targets emerging and keyword volumes increasingly rapidly. The market is hungry for new inventions, upgraded tech and the latest apps. Informational search activity is 24/7, the internet is the first place […]

SEO & Digital Marketing for Lifestyle Businesses

More than ever customers pay attention to their lifestyle researching topics online, making choices and decisions about the way they live their life today. This presents a myriad of opportunities for businesses operating in this sector, opportunities to put your content in front of target users just at the right moment. It all starts with […]

Maximise Bookings with the Hotel & Leisure SEO & Digital Marketing Experts

The Hotel and Leisure sector is understandably competitive with many big players active in the sector. These big players can be tough to beat and include many aggregate booking sites who have invested in their digital SEO position for many years. All however is not lost. Understanding and accepting the competitive arena is the first […]

Increase Digital Visibility within your Catchment Area to Recruit & Retain More Students

Lilac James is an established digital marketing agency with significant experience in the Education sector Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and effective digital marketing is vital when looking to improve the quality and quantity of visitors to your school website. There is a common sector misconception that if schools and education providers create great courses and manage amazing […]

Digital Marketing and SEO Experts for Construction Companies

Successful construction companies often struggle to deliver an effective and sustainable SEO & digital marketing strategy that reliably achieves new enquiries for their business. Why? Because finding, training and quality assuring digital marketing staff can be an endless challenge. Having a consistent and effective digital marketing & SEO strategy is essential in the highly competitive construction industry.   At […]

SEO & Digital Marketing Specialists for Cleaning Contractors

The cleaning services sector is extremely competitive; standing out from the crowd, being found online and attracting new customers can be extremely difficult for ambitious businesses looking to expand. This is achieved through a combination of marketing strategies, working together to nurture leads through their buying journey. We utilise Organic SEO and Google Ads PPC to capture a […]

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