3 Easy Ways to Build Backlinks for SEO in 2024

Building Backlinks can be really difficult for businesses today but it’s so important for your SEO. That’s why in this blog we’re going to explain three easy ways to build backlinks in 2024. These 3 big tips will help you to establish high quality backlinks as part of your SEO and Marketing Strategies to move […]

Marketing in 2024: Embracing Innovation and Change

The field of marketing is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. As we look ahead to the future, there are a few key trends that are likely to shape the way companies market their products and services in the coming years. In this blog we’ll […]

Why hire an SEO agency when I have a marketing team?

“Why hire an SEO agency when I have a marketing team who can learn SEO on Google and do it themselves…?” This was a question I was politely asked this week during an SEO consultation. We prefer it when a potential client pushes back and asks difficult questions as it provides you the opportunity to […]

Beginners Guide to Metadata For 2024

The Complete Beginners Guide to Metadata 2024 An easy and effective place to start when it comes to boosting your SEO is by writing well researched, keyword focused, Metadata and descriptions. At Lilac James, we see many businesses, agencies and marketing professionals struggling to write Metadata effectively so we thought we would publish this “Complete […]

Why are my Google Reviews disappearing?

Business owners and marketing professionals appreciate the value of online reviews. Various studies state that on average 85% of internet users check online reviews before making a purchase of goods or services making reviews highly important for your digital strategy. Consider the below search result: I’ve conducted a simple Google search of ‘window cleaner near […]

Red Flags 🚩 the person doing your SEO doesn’t know what they’re doing…

I’m writing this article because there are so many cowboys out there happily taking peoples money and delivering little value in return. There are also many great SEO professionals but sorting between the good, the bad and the ugly can be difficult. I hope this article can help people navigate the minefield of picking the […]

How to increase organic Facebook engagement like a pro

A common problem people mention time and again is “I have no idea what to post about and can’t seem to gain any traction with my social media activity”. At Lilac James we manage many client’s social media accounts and Facebook almost always features in our social media strategies. In this blog I’m going to […]

Can traditional marketing be effective?

Lilac James replies; absolutely, here’s 5 top reasons why! If you are going hard into business development the obvious choice will be digital marketing forms and methods. However, the revival of traditional marketing has made an impact where digital forms cannot reach. Traditional forms of marketing can be seen as dated and are no longer […]

Lilac James on the Moz blog

We’re a happy office this Friday afternoon as not only is the weekend looming, we also just got published on the infamous Moz blog! Founder Karen and digital marketing manager Adele worked hard on an article weighing up Facebook advertising against Google AdWords including some previous examples from clients and interesting facts and findings. The […]

5 steps to clean up links like a techie

Clean up links, sometimes you need it, sometimes you don’t. Know how to do it as a techie does. Hiring Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) may be, at times, the best thing to do. Some may have even done all the work on their own, but sometimes there is always the need to clean-up links. The […]

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