Amazon & eBay SEO Marketing Agency

For more information about any of our Amazon or eBay marketing services such as SEO or inventory management please call us on 01480 219355, alternatively you can email us at or fill in our contact form here.

Lilac James’ core skills are enhanced by a network of carefully selected proven agency partners delivering a holistic solution that meets the varying needs of our clients. Our modular approach is designed to complement the internal expertise of our clients by providing the additional elements that are needed for a multi-channel sales strategy.

With our extended pool of expertise we can help you to grow and improve your sales on Amazon and eBay, we are able to manage Amazon accounts in the UK, Europe, USA, India, Canada and more.

Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon is becoming an increasingly dominant player in the eCommerce market, latest figures show that in the USA it is estimated that 60% of consumer’s product searches begin on Amazon whereas in the UK nearly 40% of all eCommerce sales are made on the platform. With the most recent reports showing that 75% of online purchases are influenced by activity on Amazon, whether that is to check reviews or pricing, it’s clear to see that Amazon is only going to become an even more powerful selling platform.

Experienced an Amazon account suspension or shut down? We can help you to overturn those and get your sales back on track as part of a long term brand strategy with our consultant services. From initial keyword research to product SEO right through to customer service, social media, PPC as well as full inventory management, warehousing and fulfilment whether that is using the FBA, Vendor or Marketplace platform.

Using an experienced Amazon agency can help you to avoid all of those lost sales and headaches you might experience trying to navigate the platform, we can help you to optimise and improve sales from the get-go.

eBay Marketing Services

Our cross-channel inventory management is an important tool to achieving a great number of sales on eBay, ensuring that your product stays in stock and that your product remains on sale when stock is sufficient.

Content is key, we work on optimising all of your content so it is superior to that of your competition. The right product listings and correct SEO can skyrocket your sales and see you overtaking your competitors.

Excellent communication on eBay is paramount, the platform is quite customer service heavy, we are able to handle all of the questions, queries and potential disputes on your behalf by both phone and email to ensure that your brand delivers the best customer services building trust with your customers and maintaining a great reputation.

As an all services Amazon and eBay marketing agency we handle everything from beginning to end when it comes to selling on Amazon and eBay.

Our services include:

  • Channel Strategy
  • Full Amazon & eBay Management
  • Product Listing Content & SEO
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehousing, Fulfilment & Logistics
  • Product Photography
  • Platform & Google PPC
  • Customer Service
  • Social Media
  • FBA, Vendor & Marketplace Amazon Management
  • Price Tracking
  • Consultant Services
  • Performance Analytics


Data is key to what we do, and our platform analytics provide timely transparency for more informed decision making.

We bring all of the important and interesting data together in an understandable visual format so it is clear and easy to read while comparing, contrasting and referencing to other data sets within the same channel or across multiple different channels.

Having accurate and transparent analytics that brings showcases all of the channel’s performance elements aids more informed decision making and accountability to the marketing process. We use all of the insightful data that we gather to help improve performance, increase revenue, highlight any opportunities and troubleshoot any issues with multi-channel management.