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Whether you are a small, medium or large company you should never underestimate the effect that local SEO can have on your business. Optimising your website for searchers close to you is increasingly important as 97% of customers now search for local businesses online.

Not only this, there is a growing trend in people using small businesses as 94% believe it is important to purchase from them and 90% believe they are the backbone of the economy.

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So how well optimised is your website for local search? Would you be found if someone was to search for you? Here at Lilac James, our Cambridge SEO Agency consultants understand how important it is to target local searchers – after all, the Cambridgeshire companies near us help to make our business a success. We have worked hard to optimise our own site for local SEO and have exceeded in this as we our now found for keywords such as SEO Cambridge and SEO Peterborough – with our first-hand experience and expertise, we can do the same for you. Local SEO – On-Page Optimisation All of our SEO services start in the same way – with a detailed look into the keywords that your customers use when looking for you and the products and/or services you provide. When it comes to local SEO, we recommend using regional keywords as well as those related to your products and/or services. For example if you are a small to medium business who provides plumbing services in Cambridgeshire, we would recommend using keywords such as Plumbers Cambridge and Plumbers in Cambridge. We also regularly recommend this strategy for larger businesses as local searchers are often a more targeted traffic source. Once we have an extensive keyword research specific to your business, we offer our keyword allocation recommendations for your current pages. We will then advise you on any new pages which may need to be added to your site.

When approved by you, we go onto write your websites Meta data adding the regional keywords into your Meta titles, Meta descriptions, H1 Headings, URL’s, alt tags and contextual links. We also optimise your content for the selected regional keyword. All of this can be carried out as a one of project or as part of a full SEO package, we work hard to stay within your budget. Critical to your local SEO is your websites content. Google promises to present searchers with the most relevant local search results. In doing so they are constantly updating their algorithms. The lasted update of Panda has heavily focused on website content. If you are seen to have ‘thin’, ‘poor’ or ‘duplicate’ content on your site Google may penalise you, resulting in low website traffic. At Lilac James, we can help you to avoid this with our content marketing services.

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Local SEO – Off-Page Optimisation If you decide to take on a full SEO package, the next stage includes Google Maps set up, optimisation and link building, as well as a full detox of your existing back links. We have seen an increase in the amount of website hit by negative SEO and it is something that we have experienced first-hand. Earlier this year (2014), a competitor of ours built spammy back links to our site with a high percentage of keyword rich anchor texts. As we know that this is something which Google can penalise you for, we quickly removed these and began an intense strategy of building healthy links back to our site. This helped us to avoid a Google Penalty and is something that we can also help you with. Take a look at our Google Penalty Recovery page and find out how. During this part of the process we also help you to encourage customer reviews of your small to medium business on your Google Business Account and Facebook pages whilst developing your previous and existing relationships.

We can even help you to embed Google Maps onto your website too. The link building stage is not straight forward and unfortunately it can take a lot of time. Building back links is important as Google regards links from third party sites as a vote of confidence, the higher quality, more relevant the back link is, the better the vote and the more positive impact it will have on your websites performance. Hence, it is more worthwhile us spending the time to gain quality back links rather than lots of low quality ones. The way in which we carry out this process is honest and transparent.  At Lilac James we offer you a personalised service, completely tailored to your needs, we work hard to help small to medium businesses grow. We believe that if we look after you, you will look after us – after all without your help we wouldn’t be where we are now! Therefore no matter what you need help with, whether it’s local SEO or a whole host of marketing needs – we are here for you. Looking to grow your business? Our Government Growth Accelerator Programme might be just what you are looking for – view our Growth Accelerator page or call us on 01480 219355.