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Traditional Public Relations, (PR), both to standard media and via online platforms remains an effective way to communicate with your target market. Such information is perceived as more credible and less of a direct ‘sales pitch.’

It is well known that a customer needs to see your material 5 to 7 times before they feel comfortable enough to contact you. Sending out constant ‘Sales Push’ communications is guaranteed to have a negative effect in today’s environment.

Public Relations

The massive rise in social media has confirmed that people prefer ‘personal recommendations’, that a company’s values and culture are important decision making factors. In reality everything your business does and says is sending out messages about your organisation.

Considerable benefit can be gained from co-ordinating and shaping your image, your information – ultimately the future of your business be it Cambridge or beyond.

We all have things to say but often we are just too busy to say them or we don’t know how to go about it. Our Cambridge based Public Relations Service will suggest creative content for your PR messages which guarantees to maximise your presence both online and offline.

Standing Out from the Crowd

More than ever it is important to stand out in your market place. All sectors are competitive and the reality is no one is going to listen if you consistently put out boring, repetitive, sales led messages. Think outside the box.

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The modern public is bombarded with advertising messages every day, we have all become cynical as a result and need considerable reassurance about the companies providing us with products and services.

A business therefore needs to build a personal persona, a reputation and a culture that comes across well to all of its publics.

Good PR is a consistent process of providing positive, informed and credible messaging to customers, influencers and investors.

We will assist you in building this reputation, maximising the opportunities for exposure by shaping unique, innovative PR campaigns. Communications that will be difficult to ignore. See what our Cambridge customers have to say about our public relations case studies and call us today to find out more…