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When you launch your website you want to ensure that people can find it on the internet. Your prospective customer can find your site if they have your web address, but if they don’t, how will they find your services and products online?

What is SEO?

You need to be sure that your company in Bedford will be found when they use search terms related to your business. If you can only be found for your name or certain keywords that drive little traffic to your site, you will undoubtedly be missing out on enquires and sales affecting your bottom line.

SEO is essential, to help drive the relevant traffic to your website and when you consider that 97% of customers search for local businesses online, you need to make sure your business is one that will be found.

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At Lilac James SEO agency Bedford our team of marketing professionals work hard to get you the results you need. We begin with a FREE SEO Health Check which will indicate how your website is currently performing on Google. This will show us what keywords your site should be optimised for and show any other amendments that need to be made.

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Optimisation – on-page

Our experienced marketing consultants in Bedford will start with the full keyword research process working hard to understand your business. Together with your guidance and our skills, we will then enter a selection of keywords into the Google Keyword Planner and other analysis tools that help us see exactly what your prospective customers are searching for when looking for the products or services you offer.

The Lilac James SEO team will consider the amount of monthly searches for each term, the competition and suggested bid levels for AdWords.

From this we will develop your online strategy and provide you with our Bedford SEO team’s recommended keyword allocation which will show you what keywords are best suited to the pages of your website based on the number of searches, your current performance and the competition. You will be included in every step of the way and once you have approved the proposed strategy we will write the Meta data for each page, update the existing page copy and also review your URL structure, contextual links and alt tags.

The quality of the content on your website is also a crucial part of SEO. Following the recent Google Panda Algorithm Update, Google penalises websites with poor or duplicate content. However, help is at hand and if necessary, our copywriters can either rewrite existing or write additional optimised copy for your website with their quality content writing skills. Our team will then follow through the back end amendments to your site completing the on-page optimisation process.

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Optimisation – off-page

Vital to the success of SEO, off-page optimisation is just as important as on-page optimisation. The first step in the process is a full review of your existing back links so our expert Bedford SEO team can analyse their quality and potential negative effect on your rankings. We then recommend the removal of any toxic back links. We have seen an increase in the number of clients who have been hit by negative SEO, where someone has built toxic back links to a client’s website using a high proportion of keyword rich anchor texts. This unfortunately can result in a Google Penalty and is why we work hard to correct this. For more information, go to our Google Recovery Penalty page.

Our Bedford marketing consultants will undertake the removal of any toxic back links and start to build healthy back links from quality sites. We will work hand in hand with you to understand your previous and existing relationships, developing these further whilst identifying new opportunities.

This process is not easy unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and because of this we cannot guarantee a certain number of links per month. However we can promise that our SEO consultants will work their hardest to identify high quality, relevant opportunities and acquire them.

Our link building services are very transparent. We will provide you with a number of hours per month tailored to your needs. We will show you all of the activity carried out including email correspondents and guest editorial articles written. We will even advise you on the quality of your own website and whether we feel other sites will link to it.

Why do we work in this way? Google regards back links as a vote of confidence. By obtaining high quality, relevant back links for you, it is going to have a more positive effect on your websites performance, compared to us gaining lots of low quality back links. It is therefore more worthwhile for us to spend the time achieving quality links.

Social media also plays a key role in off-page optimisation and the team at Lilac James Bedford can review your current social media activity and advertising to recommend improvements to support your SEO.

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