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Ensuring your company website is optimised for relevant keywords is essential to being found on the internet. SEO can therefore be the key to your businesses success!

Free SEO Health Check

Why you need SEO

You may currently be getting found for your company name or for certain keywords that drive very low traffic to your site, either way you will be missing out on profitable traffic and potential business. You need to be sure that when prospective customers search for your products and services online, that you will be found.

The internet has become an integral part of consumer activity and 97% of customers now search online for local businesses. Think how getting found online could result in increased enquiries and sales?

Help is at hand as our Hertfordshire SEO team of marketing professionals will be able increase the traffic to your website and get the results you desire.

Starting with our free SEO Health Check we will be able to see what your competitors are achieving on Google, we will see what keywords you should be optimised for and what improvements should be made.

SEO – On-Page

On-page optimisation starts with a comprehensive look at the keywords that your prospective customers might use when searching for your products and services online. Our Hertfordshire marketing consultants will work with you to gain valuable knowledge of your business and together we will enter an agreed selection of keywords into the Google Keyword Planner.

Using other analysis tools to understand how profitable they will be for you and whether you are able to compete with your competitors. The Hertfordshire SEO team will then take into account the number of monthly searches for each term, the recommended bid levels for AdWords, as well as the competition.


This invaluable research allows our skilled team to create a bespoke online strategy report for your business. This will recommend our keyword allocation, in other words which keywords are suited to the pages on your website based on search levels, competition and your current performance.

We will only proceed when you are totally happy with our suggestions, and once approved, our SEO team in Hertfordshire will begin the process, writing the Meta data for each page including the H1 headings and a review of URL structure, contextual links and alt tags.

The content of your website then needs to be optimised for the keywords allocated and our experienced content marketing team will re-write your content to ensure there is no duplication.

Content is vital as Google penalised websites with duplicate or poor content in the recent Google Panda Algorithm Update. So ensuring your content is high quality and optimised correctly is an importance part of our SEO process.

Our copywriting team can also write new pages that will appear on your site making sure that you whole website meets the current best practices – allowing you to rest assured knowing our team can help. Then finally, the Lilac James SEO team Hertfordshire will carry out the back end amendments to ensure your website optimisation process is complete.

SEO – Off-page

Following the on-page optimisation process, off-page optimisation needs to be completed with the purpose of gaining improved ranking results, increasing traffic to your website, and achieving the full SEO benefit.

The first step is to ensure you are not being penalised by toxic back links so our Hertfordshire team will undertake a back links detox to unearth and analyse any that could be having a negative effect on your rankings.

We will then offer advice about which ones should be removed as this is essential to avoiding a Google Penalty. Our Google Penalty Recovery page explains this in more detail. However, this process that we undergo will not only support your recovery but will help prevent it from occurring in the future.

The Lilac James Hertfordshire SEO team will then begin an intensive process of building healthy back links from high quality sites back to your site.

Unfortunately this process is not straight forward and can be very time consuming. Due to this, we cannot guarantee a number of links per month but what we can promise is that our team of SEO professionals will work extremely hard to gain the best possible links for you.

Based on your requirements, you will be provided with a amount of hours each month in which we will understand your previous and current relationships, building on these and finding new opportunities available.

Our approach is very transparent, you will be made aware of all the activity carried out during your allotted hours including email correspondents and guest articles written.

You may be wondering why we work in this way. Google regards a back link as a vote of confidence. If someone links to your website, they are telling Google that the information, products and/or services you provide are of good quality.

High quality, relevant back links are harder to achieve than low quality spammy back links. They also have a more positive effect on your websites performance. Therefore it is more worthwhile for us to spend your monthly hours gaining your the best possible links.

Social media is significant in relation to off-page optimisation. Should you require our support to measure the success of your current social media strategy then our friendly team would be delighted to discuss the potential of how it can support SEO.

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