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Tourism in general was worth £127 billion to the UK economy in 2019, hit hard by the pandemic the sector is still predicted to bounce back to over £250 billion by 2025. This will represent approximately 10% of British GDP and support around 3.8 million jobs. A very important sector that has seen huge increases in competition in recent years.

Digital opportunities abound however as users spend long periods of time researching and dreaming about their travel plans. SEO strategies should include tactics for organic and paid search results and social media activity including sponsored campaigns.

Social media advertising can be very well targeted, placing content directly in front of specific customer targets on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. AB testing of content is important to understand what content resonates with your targets, producing the best engagement and ultimately conversions.

As users search repeatedly over many weeks and months, retargeting of users via Google, Bing and within chosen social channels is imperative. Our experience allows us to understand and predict the evolution of campaigns, with most conversions ultimately coming from well crafted retargeting and remarketing campaigns.

It is a complicated arena, but it is NOT rocket science. Understanding your current position and your opportunities is the first step. Our free digital marketing review will provide you with the information and statistics you need to see the wood for the trees. Talk to a member of our experienced team today.

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The first step to working with Lilac James is to request a no obligation and FREE digital marketing review.


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Back in December 2014 we started to work with 5 Star Tennis Holidays after they received a full Google penalty. This meant that despite being at the top of the first page for a range of different keywords previously, they were now nowhere to be seen at all.


Recovering from a penalty is not easy and results were not instant. An important part of our strategy included a complete re-branding of the company and a newly built WordPress website. After over 18 months of hard work,  5 Star Tennis finally made it back onto page one and now enjoy a wide range of top ranking positions including 'corporate tennis holidays' and 'family tennis holidays'.


Here is what Director Mark Lawrence had to say:


“I came across Lilac James when searching online for a professional SEO company to resolve serious digital marketing issues that I was experiencing. They explained exactly what the problems were and how to rectify them. They also refused to over promise, I knew I needed to take a long term view and they managed my expectations perfectly. I have no hesitation in recommending their services, they are the real deal.”


''I’ve been working with Lilac James for around three years now and found them to be very easy to work with, very professional & knowledgeable, and very helpful.

Our website wasn’t appearing very high within Google so we were missing out on a load of customers, and tended to spend a lot of money on Google Ads to appear within the results of what people were searching for.

As a result of working with Lilac James, we now have a lot more customers through the doors, lots more phone calls and enquiries and so on, and we also appear number one for go karting, quad biking, motocross and loads more different keywords. Because of that our ad spent has dropped as well.

I have had a brilliant experience working with Lilac James. The company keeps growing, so we’ll continue working with them, and I definitely recommend their services.''

Brodie Toller

Marketing Manager


Whether you are a small, medium or large company you should never underestimate the effect that local SEO can have on your business. Optimising your website for searchers close to you is increasingly important as 97% of customers now search for local businesses online.

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