Things to consider before before you start an SEO project

With SEO, people talk about optimising, targeting keywords, building backlinks, metadata, alt tags, technical SEO, content, data blah blah blah… …but what isn’t often talked about is how none of this will make a damn bit of difference unless you get the foundations right with your website. This blog will explain how you do that. […]

8 ways blogging helps boost your SEO

8 Ways Blogging Helps Boost Your SEO We were presenting at a business event recently about SEO to Cambridge Network and we were asked how exactly blogging helps with your SEO, so I thought we’d write a blog about it 😊 Blogging has been established to be a key form of building your SEO rankings […]

How to Reverse Engineer your Competitors Facebook Ads

How to reverse engineer your competitors Facebook Ads Ever wondered how you can find out what Facebook Ads your competitor is running? It’s actually very simple but… first a word of warning. Just because you can see what Ads they’re running; it doesn’t mean their Ads are working well or that they’re cost effective. It […]

The Simple Guide to Negative Keywords for Google Ads

Recently a prospect came to us unhappy with the performance of her Google Ads. She had hired a freelancer and she wasn’t confident her campaign was well optimised and maximising return on investment. Upon reviewing the account we could see that the Ads themselves were well written and the keyword targeting appeared to be well […]

How quickly can you get on page 1 of Google?

There are lots of scammy SEO artists out there who will tell you exactly what you want to hear… that getting to page 1, position 1 for competitive search terms is easy and can be achieved within the month. If you hear that, our friends at Iron Maiden have some great advice… RUN TO THE […]

Why sponsorship is a great marketing tool

Sponsorship is a strong means of refining your competitive edge; supporting events and organisations that your potential customers will find appealing will most certainly help improve your company’s image and credibility. Cornering your target market could be quick and effective providing you pick the right sponsorship opportunity for your business. Increasing numbers of small and […]

How being social pays

Have you ever wondered what real effects social media could have on your business, in terms of visibility and generating interest in your service or product?  Look no further than this example of free marketing by the power of the people.  Worldwide recognition is given to a 21 year old man from Northamptonshire, who takes […]

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