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SEO Services in Huntingdon By Certified Google Partner

For more information about our any of our services that we are able to provide including SEO, please contact our Huntingdon team today. Why not drop in for a cup of tea, our kettle’s always on!

Too many times we see clients with beautiful websites that just don’t work! If you want your site to attract visitors and generate enquiries then it needs SEO and if you are in Huntingdon you do to!

Our Huntingdon SEO Agency specialises in all things online. From Search Engine Optimisation, Pay per Click, and Digital Advertising to Social Media Management.

Our team is comprised of qualified marketing professionals who understand the whole process not only the digital application. This sets us apart from other SEO agencies in Huntingdonshire and we are proud to be a Certified Google Partner.

So what is SEO & Why do I Need it?

SEO stands for search engine optimisation and is the process by which your website can be found on the internet for the products and/or services you provide. The process starts with understanding what keywords searchers put into the search field when they are looking for what you do. If they don’t know you, what keyword terms are they likely to search for?

Our team conduct keyword research and work with you to identify the exact words and regions that you want to be found for. Is it just Huntingdon or further afield? Maybe you want to rank nationally or internationally, we can help you with that.

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On page optimisation

On page optimisation is the process of allocating keywords to specific sections and pages on your website. At Lilac James we consider it a sin to ignore the ‘long tail keyword’.

This means that we will optimise your website for a multitude of multiple keyword searches that users put into Google. Long tail keywords are considerably less competitive which means it is easier to secure first page rankings for these terms.

After the research element our Huntingdon based SEO Marketing Professionals will start to optimise the technical elements of your website such as Meta titles, Meta descriptions, H1 headings, image alt tags and URL’s. They will also update and change your existing copy if needed, adding in the necessary contextual links, so that your site is fully optimised.

We all know that Google regularly changes their algorithms and due to one of the latest updates high quality and relevant content has become increasingly important if not critical to the success of your website.

Google now penalises sites which have ‘thin’, ‘duplicate’ and ‘low quality’ content. The focus here is to provide your target audience with the best possible information on the products and/or services you provide.

During the on page optimisation process that we carry out on your site, we will create a content writing strategy utilising our Huntingdon marketing professional’s copywriting skills. This may include adding more copy to what is existing or re-writing to enhance the quality.

Take a look at our content marketing services for more information about our copywriting skills.

If you are happy with our suggested changes we will finish your website optimisation by making the required modifications to the back end.

Our Huntingdon team of SEO Agency professionals are all fully equipped in this part of the process so can feel reassured that your website will be well looked after.

Our on page optimisation packages are available to you as one off SEO projects or on going contracts. Talk to one of our marketing consultants today about the options available to you.

Off page optimisation

The second part of SEO is in the form of off page optimisation. This is where we work hard to improve your achieved ranking positions and website traffic through manual promotion and link building.

We start by understanding your current backlinks profile, running your site through our links detox software. We analyse the information gathered, identifying any harmful links whilst considering the impact that they have on your website.

Some old SEO practices can now be harmful to the performance of your website so we like to make sure that any bad links are removed.

Google Penalty Recovery

During the analysis of your backlinks profile we will make recommendations to you based on what action we need to undertake. For example, we may be required to submit a Google Disavow, this would involve us asking Google to ignore the bad links pointing back to your site.

We will also create new higher quality backlinks in order to counteract the removal of the old spammy links.

Not only this, we will be able to identify whether you are currently or have been previously targeted by negative SEO, the process by which some else builds harmful and spammy links which point back to your website. We are highly experienced in this and can therefore help you as we have been personally been hit by negative SEO.

By understanding your backlinks profile and optimising it so that it meets Google guidelines, we are helping you to remain Google Penalty free.

Why not take a look at this service that we offer in more detail by visiting our Google Penalty Recovery page.

It is not only important to identify the harmful backlinks but build on your profile by creating new high quality ones. Our Huntingdon SEO Agency consultants will start to build healthy backlinks to your site as soon as it is fully optimised.

They gather an understanding of previous and existing relationships by working with you, building on these and identifying new opportunities that will have a positive impact on your website traffic.

This unfortunately is not a straight forward process and can take a substantial amount of time. Therefore, we cannot promise or guarantee a specific amount of links per month.

What we can guarantee though, is that our Huntingdon marketing professionals will work tremendously hard to achieve all the opportunities open to you. After all your success is our success!

If you are unsure, we can provide you with a breakdown as to how your monthly hours have been spent. We want you to feel reassured that we are doing everything in our power to help you.

We are very transparent in our approach and we can provide you with copies of all email correspondents, manual promotion, outreach and guest editorials if required.

Why do we do this? The better the backlinks the more positive the impact it will have on your websites performance. A higher quality and relevant backlink will gain more website traffic than a low quality spammy one. Therefore it is not worth our time or your investment for us to build poor backlinks.

The final part of off page optimisation is social media. Although some people believe it is not as important as link building, we would highly disagree.

Being active on social media platforms, interacting with your target audience and creating a general buzz about your brand, products and/or services, tells Google that you are being talked about. Compared to a competitor who is not as active, you are likely to rank higher than them because you are more popular.

Currently social media is not a must have within our Huntingdon SEO packages however, we may recommend a strategy which involves both or one of our social media management and social media advertising services to help with your website traffic.

We want to provide you with a full marketing service, helping you to achieve your business goals any which way we know how. Think of us as your personal marketing professionals!