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For more information regarding any of our digital marketing services, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or organise a free marketing consultation. We’d be happy to have you here and the kettle is always on, or alternatively a meeting can be arranged at your London premises.

Are you looking for a specialist SEO agency outside of London? Our team of digital marketing professionals are based in the market town of St Neots, just a short 40 minute train journey from London Kings Cross.

At Lilac James we specialise in all things online, from Search Engine Optimisation to Pay per Click, and Social Media Advertising.

Our office is based conveniently close to London, with a high speed train enabling easy access to and from the city. Tired of sky high agency prices? Feel like you’re not truly taken care of? Our personal approach and dedication to every detail no matter how small is what sets us aside from other digital agencies.

Our team consists of qualified marketing professionals who not only specialise in all aspects of digital, but traditional marketing principles too.

You’re in safe hands with the Lilac James team, did you know we’re a Certified Google Partner?

What is SEO & Why do I need It?

Ever wondered what makes a website rank highly on Google? SEO, also known as search engine optimisation is the way in which your website is found on the internet. This is achieved through on page and off page optimisation, whereby your website can be found for relevant keywords related to your product/services. For example, are you a bakery based in Stoke Newington? It’s likely you will want to be found for terms such as ‘Bakery in Stoke Newington, London’ or ‘gluten free bakery in London’ and so on.

If you want to increase your web traffic, improve your sales conversions and overall digital presence, you need an effective SEO strategy, which is where we come in.

On Page Optimisation

All too often we see company websites only being found for their brand name, and not relevant search terms. This will result in lower traffic, and missed opportunities. Our SEO specialists will begin the SEO process of your website by conducting full keyword research, to find out what your customers are searching for. Based on the keyword search levels and current performance of your website we will devise an online strategy based on our keyword recommendations.

As part of the on-page optimisation process we will strategically allocate keywords to your website pages, and suggest new pages be created if necessary. One of our SEO experts will also look at your current URL structure and recommend changes if needed, as well as adding contextual links and image alt tags where applicable.

We will create optimised meta data and H1’s, as well as optimising your copy. If we feel your page copy needs a refresh, we can offer a content writing service to complement the SEO. High quality and relevant content is critical for SEO, and with changes to Google algorithms, you could find your website penalised for ‘thin’ and ‘duplicate’ content.

Once we’ve completed the optimisation of your website, you will receive a document including all of the suggested changes. Once this has been approved, one of our digital marketing specialists will make all the necessary updates to your CMS system.

Our on page optimisation packages includes three months of reporting after the SEO has been implemented. However you might find that you need ongoing SEO management, this includes monthly reporting and continuous off page optimisation.

Off Page Optimisation

Whilst on-page optimisation will give you a boost in rankings, if you’re in a competitive sector it may only take you so far. In order to achieve higher rankings and maintain increased website traffic you will require a monthly off page optimisation service.

Before we begin carrying out off-page optimisation for your website, we will conduct a full links analysis, and detox if necessary. This will enable us to understand the current position of your website, and also get rid of any harmful, spammy links which could be detrimental to your rankings.

Building high quality backlinks is essential for SEO, and our off-page optimisation is focussed on building you a healthy backlink profile which will support and boost your rankings in the search engines.

Old tactics such as private blog networks and link farms will only give you a Google penalty these days. Our digital marketing team are at the forefront of current SEO trends and always carry out the best practices and are experts in link acquisition.

We obtain our client’s quality backlinks via a number of different methods including digital PR, asset creation, infographics, guest blogging and local link building, for example if you’re based in London we would seek out relevant London based links. Why do we do this? Low quality, spammy links won’t do anything to help the performance of your website, in fact, they’ll only hinder you in the long run. We look for quality links that will serve as a vote of confidence for Google when ranking your website. Obtaining high volumes of poor authority links is simply a waste of time.

Another important aspect of off-page optimisation is social media. Is your company active on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? YouTube? Google will look favourably on websites that are active on social media, which are being talked about and interacted with. With social media accounting for up to 10% of ranking results, now really is the time to learn the difference between a retweet and a like.

If you’re short of time, or struggling to make an impact on social, why not take a look at our social media management and social media advertising services?