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SEO is absolutely essential if you want to drive the right traffic to your website. Make sure your business is found online with our SEO & Marketing services.

Here at Lilac James our Milton Keynes SEO Agency professionals are highly skilled in all things online. From SEO to PPC, online PR to Social Media Management and Advertising, our team can help you to attract your target audience to your website. Not only this, our team is full of qualified marketing professionals, something that sets us apart from most SEO Agencies. We can help you and your brand get noticed by offering you a complete marketing service.

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What is SEO?

SEO, also known as search engine optimisation, is the way in which your website is found on the internet. Through on page and off page optimisation your website can be found for the keywords related to your products and/or services, those which your target audience use to find you and what they need. We carry out SEO in order to help improve your website traffic and sales conversions. This is our main goal which we tailor to your Milton Keynes business.

On page optimisation

Too often company websites are only found by their brand name or a selection of low search volume keywords. At Lilac James our Milton Keynes SEO Agency consultants start the on page optimisation process by providing you with a wide variety of keywords related to your business.We find these by using the Google Keyword Planner and we optimise your site according to the keywords that best suit your offerings. We take into consideration the search levels, the competition levels and your websites current performance. Based on all of this we devise an online strategy with our keyword recommendations.

Search Engine Optimisation

Once we have your approval, our Milton Keynes SEO and marketing consultants begin your website optimisation writing all the Meta titles, Meta descriptions, H1 headings and adjusting the existing page copy. They also take a look at your URL structure, contextual links and image alt tags.

High quality and relevant content is critical to the SEO success of your website. With recent changes in their algorithms, Google now penalise websites with ‘thin’and ‘duplicate’ content.

It’s all about making sure their users, your target audience, is provided with the best possible information. As part of our on page optimisation process we create a content writing strategy which may include adding new copy to your site.

We can also re-write any existing copy to enhance your websites content quality. Visit our content marketing services for more information about our skills.

Once you are happy with all our suggestions we complete the process by modifying your websites back end. Our Milton Keynes SEO Agency professionals are full equipped to make the desired changes.

Our on page SEO is available to you as a one off project or part of an on-going package. One of our Milton Keynes marketing professionals will be more than happy to discuss your available options.

Off page optimisation

This part of SEO helps to assist your website in achieving rankings positions and website traffic. Before we begin, we gather an understanding of your current back links profile by carrying out a back links detox. We analyse those that are found in relation to quality, considering their impact on your website.

Some previous link building strategies can now have a negative impact so we like to make sure that we have removed any negative links.

A strategy is evolved where our recommendations on what needs to be done are included. This could involve the removal of any toxic back links as well as the creation of high quality relevant ones. Through this process we can also identify whether you are being targeted by negative SEO. This is where someone is purposely building toxic back links to your website which can result in a Google Penalty.

We are highly skilled in this process as we have been targeted ourselves. Through our expert knowledge we have been able to remove all toxic links and remain Google Penalty free. Find out more information on this by visiting our Google Penalty Recovery page.

Once this is complete our Milton Keynes SEO Agency experts will start to build healthy back links to your site. Working with you, they gather an understanding of your existing and previous relationships, building on these as well as highlighting new opportunities.

This is not a straight forward process unfortunately and it can take a lot of time. Due to this we are unable to guarantee a number of links per month. What we can promise however, is that our highly skilled staff will work extremely hard to identify the link building opportunities available and achieve them.

We are very transparent in our approach, we will provide you with a number of hours depending on your requirements. We will advise you on the quality of your own website, whether we feel other sites will want to link to you, and we will show you all of the activity carried out in order to gain healthy back links. Including email correspondents and guest editorials written.

The reason why we do this? The higher the quality and more relevant the back link is the more positive effect it will have on your websites performance. Google is very interested in what other people think and regards back links as a vote of confidence when it comes to your products and/or services.

It is more worthwhile to gain back links from websites who rank well, who have great traffic levels, and who have a wealth of links themselves. Obtaining lots of links from low quality websites, with low traffic levels and low ranking positions is not worth our time.

Another important part of off page optimisation is social media. By being active on social media Google recognises that your brand, company, products and/or services are being talked about and interacted with. If your competitors are not following the same strategy, Google is more likely to rank you higher than them because of this.

Although this is not a must have within our Milton Keynes SEO packages, we are able to help you through the use of social media management and social media advertising.

For more information about any of the marketing services that we are able to provide contact our Milton Keynes marketing professionals today. Why not drop in for a cup of tea, our kettle’s always on!