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Considering that 97% of consumers use online media when searching for businesses in their local area, it is essential that you are found for the products and services you offer so that you don’t miss out on these vital enquiries.

SEO for success

Regardless of the size of your business, you can no longer ignore the fact that unless your website is optimised, you run the risk of potential customers searching for products and services that you provide, simply not locating your business online. SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process that ensures that your website will be found on the internet. You need to make sure your Peterborough business will be found when prospective customers search for terms relating to your products and services. Our experienced SEO and digital marketing consultants in Peterborough will work hard to get the best results for you. We aim to increase the relevant traffic to your website to ensure you don’t miss out.

SEO Cambridge

We offer a free SEO health check which will reveal exactly how your website is currently preforming on Google in comparison to your competitors. It will also guide us on what keywords your site needs to be optimised for. This NO CHARGE service will start you on the path to boosting your website traffic and enquires. Our Peterborough SEO team will be happy to help you on the road to success, call them on 01480 219355.

SEO On-page for your Peterborough business

Our on-page optimisation process will begin with extensive keyword research. With the help of your team, we will get to know your business and together with our expertise, we will use analysis tools such as Google Keyword Planner. This will show us exactly what prospective customers search for when looking for services and products similar to yours. It will also give suggested bid levels for AdWords and reveal the exact monthly searches for each search term.

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Our Peterborough SEO team will collate this information within your bespoke online strategy report. We will create a recommended keyword allocation indicating which keywords are suited to the pages of your website.

This allocation is based on their search level, the degree of competition and current performance of your website. The Lilac James team will not proceed unless you are happy with our recommendations. As soon as the report has been approved, our Peterborough marketing professionals will start to write all the Meta data for each page, check URL structure, contextual links and alt tags.

On-page optimisation continues with an appraisal of the content on your website. The recent Google Panda Algorithm Update has meant that Google is now penalising websites that have lean, poor quality and duplicate content. Our Peterborough SEO experts can re-write your existing content, ensuring it is optimised for the allocated keywords avoiding duplication and can also ‘fix’ thin content where necessary. Completing the back end revisions to your site is the final part of the on-page procedure.

SEO Off-page for your Peterborough business

Following on-page optimisation, our SEO experts at Lilac James Peterborough will start the off-page optimisation of your website. This process will help improve ranking results and increase traffic in order gain the full value of SEO.

Initially the Lilac James marketing professionals will undertake a back links detox to discover if any back links could be having a negative effect on your rankings. We will then create a strategy advising the removal of those to ensure you avoid penalisation. See our Google Penalty Recovery page for more information about this process to help you understand why this vital work will not only assist your recovery but will inhibit it from happening again.

With the negative back links removed, our Peterborough team of experts will then start to create healthy back links from superior websites back to yours. Working hard, they gain an understanding of your previous and existing relationships, developing these further whilst identifying new avenues that can be explored and achieved.

This may sound simple however it is extremely difficult and somewhat time consuming. Our objective is to gain the best links possible for you. Why? Google sees back links as an endorsement. If a well performing, high quality and relevant site links back to yours, it will have a greater impact on your websites performance compared to lots of irrelevant, low quality links from spammy sites.

As this process is not straight forward, we cannot promise you a number of links per month. What we do at Lilac James is, we understand your requirements and offer you a number of hours per month instead. We are very transparent in our approach. During these hours our team of professionals work hard to get the best possible links for you. Every email correspondent delivered, guest article written, second, minute and hour spent is recorded and sent to you, if required. This way we can prove to you that the time is being spent wisely.

One other thing that needs to be considered in relation to off-page optimisation is social media. For more information go to our social media management and social media advertising pages to see how our Peterborough marketing consultants can improve you social media strategy to support SEO. Alternatively, call our friendly team today to discuss the way forward for your business – 01480 219355.