A new home, a new chapter

It’s been a long and stressful few months behind the scenes here at Lilac James. Some of you may already know that we’ve moved premises from our old home, and are now located in the town centre of St Neots.


The decision to move had been a tough one, as we were very comfy and cosy in our rented office at the other end of the town, but Lilac James’ vision has always been a clear one – to do what’s best for the company and its employees.


Our founder and director Karen James was thinking about the bigger picture, and had started to look for commercial properties, not to rent, but to buy!  After a bit of a search she found the ideal spot in Tan Yard – perfect for the town facilities and parking, and within easy distance of everyone’s homes. We’re certainly doing our bit for the environment now, as 3 employees who previously had to drive to work now walk!


The building itself has needed quite a bit of work, as it was previously a shop.  The downstairs was the shop floor and is now a large, light and airy open plan office space, thanks to the bright and neutral décor, and shop front windows which we opted to keep.  Upstairs was the fitting room, which is now a large and very professional looking meeting room. With the help of a brilliant set of tradesmen the premises was completely gutted, rewired, re-plastered, decorated, and made Lilac James friendly, with the removal men finally installing all the desks and equipment during the first week of August.

We still have a few finishing touches (our builder/carpenter Scott is fitting our lovely new front door as I type) but we already feel at home in our new surroundings.

Lilac James is here, and we’re here to stay! Pop in and say hello!

Special thanks go to all who've helped with our move; our building contractors, our IT Company, and the invaluable advice from Renovation Insurance.