Inspiring women

For the second time, the UK has a new female Prime Minister, Theresa May. Appointed the minister for women and equality in 2010 and becoming the fourth woman to hold one of the British great offices of state, Theresa May is showing the importance of women’s rights and their ability to work alongside (and surpass) men in both business and politics. Hillary Clinton has also now been formally nominated for president alongside opponents Donald Trump, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. If Hilary’s presidential campaign is successful, it will make her the first female president. Hillary is a well-known avocet for women’s rights, supporting women’s empowerment throughout her career, famously stating “Women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights”. This female candidate could make a huge difference for women. Could we have two female world leaders appointed in 2016? With a new female prime minister and a potential female president, it’s got us girls at Lilac James feeling inspired about our female empowerment and other inspiring females!

In the world of business, women are discriminated against because of their sex every day. With the Equal Pay Act and the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, women have come a long way in business. One of the most influential women in business is Karren Brady, been voted Business women of the year and one of the 50 most inspirational people in the world. Having begun her career at 18 in and advertising company, she learnt quickly and proved her worth within the work sphere. By 23 she was appointed the managing director of Birmingham City Football Club, turning the clubs success around to then manage West Ham, now one of the fastest growing brands in football. To honour Karren’s services to women in business and entrepreneurship, she was awarded a CBE and then elevated to the House of Lords giving her the title of Baroness Karren Brady of Knightsbridge CBE. Karen is now the chairman of mentor, which works with business to harness the talents ambitions and drive of women with their organisation to ensure that women gain higher positions, senior management roles and board positions. Although a rewarding and enjoyable role, Karen has openly said she wishes that one day there will not be a need for such a role that ensures women receive equal chances of gaining higher positions. We agree Karren! We agree.

We can’t do a post on feminism without mentioning Martha Griffiths. This member of the US House of Representatives changed rights for women by including sex discrimination into the civil rights act, making illegal for women to miss out on employment because of their sex. This is one of the many movements that have got women where they are today in work and Martha’s work has shown many women to not stand for inequality.

Even female celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence have spoken out about the unfair treatment of women within the world of work. Jennifer’s pay check is a lot higher than most, however, she spoke out at how she found out that her male co-workers were getting paid significantly more. Jennifer publically said she did not care about getting more money, it was purely about getting her fair share- just as her male counterparts had. This raised awareness of the pay gap that still occurs within business that strengthens the gender inequality and power structures between men and women.

As an all-woman company, Lilac James can’t believe the ways in which women are still discriminated against in the workplace in modern day business. With our new female prime minister, hopefully, the world of work can soon be equal for men and women, and business and politics will recognise women’s strength in the workplace.