Instagram Algorithm Update & Top Tips

We have an abundance of social media channels to take care of these days, all offering a different function, tone and style. With the latest Instagram algorithm update users and brands alike have been panicking about what’s to come…

So what’s the happs?

The new Instagram algorithm works similarly in the way Facebook shows you the ‘top’ posts it thinks you’ll be interested in. Your feed will no longer have a chronological order, and instead, Instagram will decide what posts it thinks you want to see the most. Obviously, this has caused quite a stir in the land of social media with small businesses and influencers arguing that in many cases people’s livelihoods depend on social networks such as Instagram. With this update, it is likely many users will miss posts, and instead will see posts from more ‘popular’ accounts. So what does this mean? Quite simply, post better content. If you want your posts to be seen you have to put out the best you can. You will probably see a reduction in the number of likes your posts are receiving but don’t fret, we have a few top tips for Instagram success despite this new update…

Remain Active – it’s super important that you remain active, with consistent posting and activity. Try and stick to a schedule of at least one post per day if you can. If you want your posts to be seen, it’s important that you aren’t just posting on the odd occasion or when you feel like it. Try and target optimal times too – for example, commuting hour.

Quality Content – you’ve got to be posting something of value, something that’s funny or connects with your users. Try not to make it JUST about your product, but build a personality too. Themes are also popular on Instagram, and many of the more successful accounts tend to have one.

Use Relevant Hashtags – using relevant hashtags to your sector is a great way to attract followers, and then hopefully potential customers! Dig a little deeper and the research the most popular hashtags for your industry.

Get Following – don’t be a Billy no mates. We’re not suggesting you go and follow 5,000 people but DO follow those people who engage in your posts, take time to comment and interact with you.

Research Competitors – what are your competitors doing on Instagram? What posts are performing best? What content are they posting?

Run A Competition – if you really want to drum up interest and engagement for your Instagram page, then a great way to do so is by running a competition for followers. A simple ‘follow and like this post’ will drive up your follower count. You might see a few of those followers drop off once the competition has ended, but most tend to stick around if you’re posting quality content.

Instagram Advertising – if you’re struggling to get your profile out there organically, then you could turn to Instagram advertising. We’ve run some extremely successful campaigns here at Lilac James and it’s a great way to either increase followers, drum up post engagement OR send traffic to your website. There are various different options available with Instagram advertising and it’s a route that’s definitely worth exploring if you want to ‘make it’ on Insta!