Search Engine Optimisation tips to remember

When a lot of people think about search engine optimisation they focus just on the content they are writing. Unfortunately, they overlook that images and pictures are just as important when it comes to optimizing a website. This is because search engines can only read written text. This means they cannot see your images, but they can read what you’ve called them. Giving your image files detailed and accurate file names can help you generate a traffic flow through image searches on search engines as well.



Do Not Drown Your Pages with Links


There is nothing wrong with having a handful of internal links that point individuals to other pages on your website or blog. However, it is not a good idea to overload a page with hundreds of links (even if they are internal). It can make it difficult for a search engine to rank your website when trying to read the content. A lot of links can also make it easy to confuse and slow down your traffic.



You Need a Blog


One of the best ways to optimise a business website is to have a blog (or two) to go around with it. The blog will give you a chance to compose fresh content and backlink to your website. Blogging is also a great way to target long-tailed keyword phrases which are easier to use to get higher page rankings on search engines.



Limit the Usage of Flash


Flash looks great to the people actually viewing your website, but if you are still trying to get your website noticed Flash serves no purpose. This is because just like images search engines are not able to view Flash. If you use too much Flash it is going to be difficult to optimise your website at all.



Avoid Repetitive Content


There is no good reason for saying the same thing several times throughout your website (or your blog). You want each page (or blog post) to target a new topic that you have not covered before.



Do Not Write for Robots


The biggest mistake that individuals make when using SEO is writing too much for the search engine and not enough for the viewers. It doesn’t do any good for people to be able to find your website if they are not going to want to read it once they get there. It is extremely important that when you optimise your content it is still fluid and easy to read.