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The Hotel and Leisure sector is understandably competitive with many big players active in the sector. These big players can be tough to beat and include many aggregate booking sites who have invested in their digital SEO position for many years. All however is not lost.

Understanding and accepting the competitive arena is the first step but there is still opportunity to be gained. Nailing your local SEO is the first job in hand, maximizing your position for regional terms and maximizing your credibility with reviews and testimonials.

Step two is really drilling into your target market, where are your customers online and what are they likely to search for? There are a world of keywords outside of ‘Hotel or Swimming Pool in XXX’. The more specific your content is to the search term the higher you will be delivered to page one. Similarly, the more your content resonates with the target’s dreams and aspirations the more likely they are to interact with you. Good SEO is where it starts, the team at Lilac are both experienced and successful in this difficult sector. Look at our relevant case studies and reviews, and consider requesting a free review of your position by clicking on the button below.

Your Success Is Our Success!


Whether you are a small, medium or large company you should never underestimate the effect that local SEO can have on your business. Optimising your website for searchers close to you is increasingly important as 97% of customers now search for local businesses online.


Back in 2015 we were approached by Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa to help assist them with their marketing efforts encompassing two professional websites and their respective social media platforms. Whilst both sites enjoyed a number of Google rankings, insufficient attention had been paid to the wider range of applicable keywords and therefore traffic opportunities.


Since then both websites have seen a high increase in organic traffic between 40 to 60% since the start of the contract and social media traffic has also increased by 75% in the same timeframe. The Spa website currently enjoys 29 page one positions for keywords very relevant to their business whilst the Hotel site benefits from over 30 page one rankings.


Here is what Marketing Manager Kaz Clarke had to say:


“Working with Lilac James has been great for our business. Not only have they built us a brand new website, they also look after our SEO, Adwords and Social Media advertising. The interaction we get is incredible and it is great to read all the comments and see so many likes and shares of our content. The team at Lilac James are always very professional and get the job done very quickly and easily for us. They are a pleasure to work with and we thoroughly recommend them.”


St Ives Golf Club became a client of Lilac James back in March 2017 when Club Manager Gordon MacLeod came to us for help with the club's (at the time) virtually non-existent digital and social presence which needed bringing into the modern digital world.

The Lilac James team took over the reins of the existing St Ives Golf Club Twitter account as well as creating new pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. Through a combination of both organic management and social media advertising, it was not long before these channels began to attract attention from golf fans and the local community. The Facebook page has exceeded 600 followers and recieves a consistently high level of engagement; and in one month alone their page reached 35,286 people, received 318 page views, 64 new page likes and 6,382 post engagements.

Here is what Gordon MacLeod, Club Manager, had to say:

“Immediately taken with the well-rounded professionalism of the team in regard to their expertise and awareness in the social media and wider marketing management specialisations. Lilac James have been critical in helping put the ‘traditional’ golf club on a proper business footing, generating a sense of team spirit amongst members and, critically, playing a direct role in income generation of the business.”​​​​​​​



A lovely testimonial from a valued client.

We have been running the SEO and other digital marketing aspects for Wildtracks for approximately 2 years and within that time have achieved over 60 Page 1, Position 1, Google search result rankings for highly competitive regional search terms.

This has saved them a great deal of money they were previously spending on their PPC campaigns and other forms of marketing.

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